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BarxBuddy Self-Cleaning Dog Brush

$30.00 $19.95

Category: Grooming Devices

Product Description

Deshedding Brush for Dog Hair, Pet Hair

The BarxBuddy dog hair brush is the best self cleaning dog brush you will find. Our dog brush helps reduce shedding and, best of all, is easy to clean. If you are looking for a dog shedding tool and grooming brush, this self-cleaning dog brush is an all-in-one dog hair brush that can be used on a variety of breeds, as well as cats. The BarxBuddy self-cleaning dog brush is lightweight, and easy to use! It is the best deshedding tool for dogs that we have found, thanks to the comfort-grip handle and push-button self-cleaning feature. The BarxBuddy deshedding brush can be used on short-hair dogs, long-hair dogs, as well as to remove hair from thick undercoats. The bristles on the brush help distribute your dog's natural oils for a shinier, healthier coat. Dog Hair Brush Features
  • Wire bristle dog brush
  • Dog brush that collects hair
  • Deshedding brush
  • Grooming tool for dogs
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Push-button clean
  • No battery or charging needed
  • Dog undercoat brush
  • Works on cats, too