Evolved Paws Pet Supplement Bundle


This bundle includes a one-month supply of the Omega and Multivitamin Pet Supplements.

Evolved Paws Omega Supplement powder is veterinarian-approved and specifically formulated to supplement your pets’ diet with essential omega blends. Omega fatty acids are essential to dogs and cats to improve their vision and cognitive functions. Spring 1 scoop (scoop included) daily in your dog’s or cat’s water, or mix it in with their food. Total weight 50.25 grams (1.77 oz), 30 servings included.

Evolved Paws is a veterinarian-approved, specially formulated multivitamin supplement for dogs and cats that is formulated with a triple blend of vitamins, minerals and supplements. This is the best dog multivitamin powder to promote healthy joints and improve mobility, as well as softer coats and improved overall well-being. Sprinkle one scoop over your dog’s or cat’s food (scoop included) or mix it into your pet’s water daily. Total weight 43.5 grams (1.53 oz), 30 scoops included.


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