Ultrasonic Bark Control Trainers for Dogs (and Their Humans)

What Are Ultrasonic Bark Control Trainers?

Ultrasonic bark control tools are a type of anti-bark device that can be an effective and inexpensive way to stop your dog from excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors. Some product reviews you may come across might report that ultrasonic devices are better for larger dogs versus small, while others state the opposite. The truth is, every dog is unique, and what might work for one might not work for another.

We also like to remind our fellow dog owners that any training device is only as good as the trainer who uses it. If you don’t use your dog training device as it’s intended, or if you use it inconsistently, it isn’t going to work.

If you are a dog owner new to ultrasonic bark control, this guide covers what you need to know to get started on your journey to a happy and quiet dog and home.

What is Ultrasonic Sound?

Without getting too technical, an ultrasonic sound, or wave, is any noise that’s above the normal human hearing range, which is between 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. While humans are unable to hear an ultrasonic sound, dogs can, along with bats, dolphins, and cats. Canines find ultrasonic sounds so annoying they will stop in the middle of unwanted behavior like barking.

If you’re curious to know what ultrasonic sound sounds like, check out our related blog post, “Why You Should Use Ultrasonic Dog Repellers and Deterrents.” We’ve embedded a recording that demonstrates what ultrasonic sound is like.

What Materials Can Ultrasonic Sounds Go Through?

Ultrasonic sound waves can penetrate a variety of substances and are useful in many applications. Whether the sound is absorbed, reflected, or scattered depends on what the material is made from.

Some of the materials ultrasonic waves can penetrate include

  • Metal
  • Cardboard and other wrappings
  • Skin
  • Human tissue
  • Plexiglass
  • Glass
  • Walls

How is Ultrasonic Used in Daily Life?

Ultrasonic waves are all around us. They are used to perform a host of tasks such as:

  • Medical imaging
  • Destroying bacteria and tumors
  • Cleaning jewelry, lenses and industrial equipment
  • Welding plastics
  • Detect aircraft and underwater vessels (sonar)
  • Dentistry equipment (drill)

How Do Ultrasonic Dog Trainers Work?

Of course, before you invest in any training tool, you want to know how they work. Ultrasonic bark control devices come in various forms, including collars, whistles, trainers, or repellers. These types of training devices are best used outside. Here’s how each of them works.

Ultrasonic dog collars

Ultrasonic bark control collars immediately emit an ultrasonic tone when the device’s microphone detects the sound of your dog barking. The high-frequency noise — only detectable to your dog — can deter barking. Some start with a low tone and gradually increase if your dog continues to bark. Ultrasonic collars can also vary the pitch every time she barks to prevent her from becoming accustomed to the sound.

Ultrasonic dog whistles

Like collars, ultrasonic whistles send out a high-pitch sound that only dogs can hear. Unlike some collars, you’re responsible for deciding when your dog needs correcting and to blow the whistle. Consistently applied, these devices can be an effective method of training your dog to stop barking. Training whistles are often used in canine competitions, sporting, and hunting events. If you’re not ready to commit to a whistle as a training tool and have a smartphone, there are dog whistle apps you can try out.

Handheld ultrasonic dog trainers (aka repellers)

Ultrasonic trainers, often called repellers, are handheld devices that discourage unwanted behavior such as barking. These tools are small enough to fit in your pocket, making them ideal for when you’re with your dog on the go. The innovative BarxBuddy ultrasonic training tool is one such trainer that is a practical component of a well-rounded training program.

FAQs About Ultrasonic Bark Control Training Devices

Are ultrasonic bark control trainers safe?

Yes, ultrasonic trainers are safe. Although the high-frequency sound will annoy your dog, it won’t harm them.

Will ultrasonic trainers make dogs stop barking?

Yes, however, ultrasonic training devices are only as good as the trainer. Provided you are committed to properly training your pet, and you follow a couple of training rules, you’ll find an ultrasonic training device to be an efficient and safe option compared to other training tools.

First and foremost, you must be patient with the process because training your dog will take time. You must also be consistent in your commands and rewards/praise. If your dog is displaying good behavior, reward him. If you observe unwanted or negative behavior, briefly push the button on your trainer, give a verbal correction, and immediately reward your dog. Remember to practice this train-treat-repeat method to get the best notable results.

What is the strongest ultrasonic dog repeller?

Although there isn’t technically “the strongest ultrasonic dog repeller,” there’s a large variety of capabilities among training repellers. Many emit high-frequency sound waves between 30 and 55 kHz and work up to a distance of about 60 feet, with 12 to 20 being ideal.

Are ultrasonic sounds harmful to humans?

There’s no known research to indicate that using an ultrasonic dog trainer is harmful to humans.

Is ultrasonic harmful to cats or other animals?

Cats, like dogs, can hear ultrasonic sounds. However, the noise annoys the animal enough to make it stop and move away. There is no known evidence to support the notion that ultrasonic sounds pose harm to cats or other animals.

Likewise, do ultrasonic training or repellents work on cats or other animals?

It’s important to understand that every animal is different and may have mixed experiences with ultrasonic sounds. So while it may work for your dog, it may not work on cats roaming your neighborhood. You might find the opposite to be true as well!

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