Anti Bark Vibration Collar — Do Vibrating Dog Collars Work?

The bark vibration collar is a dog-training device that a dog wears around the neck. It’s battery operated and automatically triggered when a dog barks, although some are remote controlled. The problem with sound-triggering dog trainers is that there are times when you want your dog to bark. It’s how they communicate. There are some forms of bark vibration collars that can be effective for training dogs. Let’s explore.

Bark Vibration Collar vs Shock Collar — What’s the Difference?

While both vibrating and shock or static collars work by first detecting your dog’s vocalizations and then sending an impulse to your dog’s neck; however, there are differences between them.

Bark vibration collar pros

  • Adjustable vibration levels
  • Can be useful for hearing-impaired dogs
  • Cheaper than shock or static collars
  • More comfortable than shock collars
  • Easy to use

Cons of vibrating dog collars

  • May be ineffective on very furry or thick-coated dogs
  • Must fit perfectly to be effective
  • More costly than spray collars and ultrasonic trainers
  • Designed for limited use
  • Dogs may become desensitized
  • Cost of replacing batteries if the device is not rechargeable

Shock collar pros

  • Sensitivity level is adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Operates at various distances
  • Models available for all dog sizes
  • Static pulse is short

Cons of shock collars

  • Often most expensive collar type
  • Non-rechargeable batteries can be costly
  • Can be uncomfortable, especially if not used properly
  • Not intended for long-term use
  • Proper fit and placement is essential to effectiveness and safety
  • Dogs may become desensitized

Do Dog Vibration Collars Work?

The vibrating collar itself is typically a fabric collar that has a vibrating module attached with rubber or metal prongs, which lay against your dog’s neck. It automatically detects when your dog begins to vocalize and sends a vibration to your pet’s neck. This sensation catches your dog’s attention and stops him from barking or displaying other unwanted behaviors.  Some models work in conjunction with a hand-held remote, allowing you more control over when the collar vibrates. It’s important to note that a vibrating dog collar is only as effective as the trainer.  Many bark collar vibrations have adjustable sensitivity levels and can make an audible tone, which may improve their effectiveness. Even with these features, a vibrating training collar has plenty of drawbacks and may not be an appropriate option for your pet. Lucky for you, there are alternatives.

Are There Alternatives to Anti Bark Collars that Vibrate?

There are various alternative bark collars, such as shock or static, spray, and ultrasonic collars. Each offers a distinctive stimulus that captures a dog’s attention. Overall, regardless of the collar type, training, or anti-bark collars, they are okay. While they may help initially, each has notable shortcomings that you must consider when deciding the best method for training your pet.  As a dog owner, it’s crucial to ask if an okay training device is enough? You should want more than just okay for your beloved pet. Why settle when a collarless alternative exists? An ultrasonic training device is a hand-held remote that doesn’t require contact with your dog. That’s right: No collar needed. When your dog begins to bark or display unwanted behavior, a quick tap of the button emits an ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. He stops barking immediately. Couple this with positive reinforcement such as the train, treat, repeat method, and your dog will soon be well behaved. The device allows you to be in control of your dog’s training, and the sound emitted is safe for both humans and dogs. Learn more about the BarxBuddy training tool and how it can help you and your dog visit

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