Tips for Training Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Shock Collars

Without question, shock collars, also referred to as static collars and dog zappers, are the most controversial of all dog training collars, and they evoke strong opinions and emotions! Although they have been around for decades in some form or fashion, the stigma around them...Read More

All About Bark Collars

Bark Control Collars: Are They Right For Your Dog? For dogs, the most common form of communication is barking. Even the quietest of dogs bark when they need to; it's in their nature. Unfortunately, some dogs belong on the other end of the spectrum and...Read More

Types of Bark Collars

Rechargeable Bark Collars Depending on how often your dog barks, you may find yourself changing out the batteries of his bark collar more often than you'd like. Rechargeable bark collars, on the other hand, eliminate that nuisance and cost. Some rechargeable models can work for...Read More

Train, Treat, Repeat

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Positive reinforcement is one of the most popular approaches to training dogs because they are natural people pleasers. To use positive reinforcement effectively: First, find out what your dog perceives as positive. For example, when you yell at a barking dog,...Read More

Ultrasonic Trainers for Dogs

What Are Ultrasonic Trainers? Ultrasonic trainers are a type of anti-bark device that can be an effective and inexpensive way to stop your dog from excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors. Some product reviews you may come across might report that ultrasonic devices are better...Read More