Dog Training Guide

The BarxBuddy Dog Training Guide includes articles on humane dog training tips and techniques that we like (and some that we don't). Throughout these articles, you’ll find information about dog training techniques and the best tools for training dogs. We gather information from expert sources so you can sort out good dog training tools and techniques from not-so-good ones. Our core product, The BarxBuddy Ultrasonic Training Tool, is the reason we created this library of resource content. While researching the best positive reinforcement dog training methods, we learned a lot about dog training collars, training fences, muzzles and other tools. So, we’re sharing with you all that we’ve learned about training dogs. You’ll understand why we’re partial to ultrasonic training devices for dogs (see Ultrasonic Bark Control Trainers). 

How Dogs Learn: Can Dogs Understand Humans?

Curious as to how much your dog really understands you when you speak to him? Sometimes feel like you and your dog are on the same page ... other times, it’s like you’re not even in the same book. As pet parents, we relish the...Read More

When to Start Puppy Training and How to Prepare Your Puppy for Training

Do you have a new puppy that just won't stop barking? Listening to a dog's incessant barking can be a frustrating and stressful situation that leaves you asking, "what should I do?" We talk a lot about why dogs bark, but puppies have different needs...Read More

Stop Dog Barking: Using The BarxBuddy to Get a Dog to Stop Barking

Most pet parents would agree, if there's one thing they could change about their dog(s), it would be that canines could speak their troubles instead of bark like fools. Excessive barking can drive just about everyone mad. Even the quietest breeds, such as the "Barkless"...Read More

Wireless Dog Fence: Do They Work, Are They Safe, and Should You Get One?

Are you looking for fence options for your yard to protect your pet and set boundaries? Wireless, invisible, and electronic fences are often touted as inexpensive and effective containment systems. Before you invest your time and money, learn more about wireless dog fences and how...Read More

Ultrasonic Bark Collars: Do They Work on Dogs?

An ultrasonic bark collar can be used to train dogs to stop excessive barking, as well as other unwanted behaviors. This section of our guide to dog training takes a close look at ultrasonic anti-bark collars and answers questions about their effectiveness. One of the...Read More

Anti Bark Vibration Collar -- Do Vibrating Dog Collars Work?

The bark vibration collar is a dog-training device that a dog wears around the neck. It's battery operated and automatically triggered when a dog barks, although some are remote controlled. The problem with sound-triggering dog trainers is that there are times when you want your...Read More

Everything You Need to Know About No-Bark Spray Collars for Dogs

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Humans have 5 to 6 million scent receptors, while dogs have at least 100 million or more, depending on the breed (some sources say bloodhounds have more than 300 million scent receptors). Citronella spray collars for training dogs...Read More

Can You Use a Dog Muzzle for Barking Dogs? (Please don't -- here's why...)

We’re going to be right up front with you about using a dog muzzle for barking dogs. Muzzles have one primary purpose: To stop dogs from biting people, other dogs, and other animals. We do not recommend using muzzles to stop a dog from barking. Alternatives to Dog...Read More

Whistle Training for Dogs: Good Tool or Overblown Idea?

For over 200 years dog owners, hunters, and professional dog trainers have used whistles for training dogs, especially for hunting and retrieving. If you're new to whistle training, we've got the 4-1-1 on how dog trainers and owners use whistles, rewards (treats), consistency and patience...Read More

Clicker Training for Barking Dogs -- Does It Work? Here are the Pros and Cons of Clicker Training

Could a "click" sound be the difference between successful dog training and total failure? Many dog experts, including the American Kennel Club (AKC), say yes to clicker training for barking. Sound is the basis for clicker training, a technique in which the dog trainer presses...Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Shock Collars for Dog Training

Without question, shock collars, also referred to as static collars and dog zappers, are the most controversial of all dog training collars, and they evoke strong opinions and emotions! Although they have been around for decades in some form or fashion, the stigma around them...Read More

All About Barking Collars and Bark Training

Some owners use barking collars to train their dogs to stop barking and to stop them from other unwanted behaviors. There are many types of bark collars, as well as many opinions on using collars for bark training. Shock collars in particular have come under...Read More

Types of Bark Collars (and Bark Collars Pros and Cons)

In this section of our guide to training dogs, we list the types of bark collars and how they work, as well as their pros and cons. Rechargeable Bark Collars Depending on how often your dog barks, you may find yourself changing out the batteries...Read More

Train, Treat, Repeat: Our Method for Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Throughout the BarxBuddy website, you will hear us talk about our "train, treat, repeat" method of positive reinforcement dog training. Using the treat and train approach repetitiously takes patience and time, but it is so worth it. Once your dog understands that a pattern of...Read More

Ultrasonic Bark Control Trainers for Dogs (and Their Humans)

What Are Ultrasonic Bark Control Trainers? Ultrasonic bark control tools are a type of anti-bark device that can be an effective and inexpensive way to stop your dog from excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors. Some product reviews you may come across might report that...Read More