Dog Health Guides

Dog Health Guides

Guide to Nutritional Requirements for Dogs

You want to give your canine companion only the best of everything, including their food. Today’s endless store-bought dog food options tend to come with confusing labels that can perplex the most practiced pet parent. Are you wondering if the food you give your dog meets his nutritional needs? This guide discusses what essential nutrients

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Dog Health Guides

Guide to Preventing and Treating Dog Obesity

According to VCAHospitals, 25% to 30% of dogs are obese, and as dogs age, their obesity rates increase. Nearly half — 40% to 45% — of dogs aged 5 to 11 are considered overweight. While some on social media may find an image or video of a chubby dog cute or entertaining, others may be

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Dog Health Guides

Guide to Common Bone and Joint Problems in Dogs

Why is my dog limping? It could be nothing — dogs get stiff joints just like we do. But there are also some commong join ailments in dogs that owners need to know about so you know when it’s time for a veterinarian visit.   Dogs, like humans, can be prone to various bone and joint

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Guide to Grooming Your Pet’s Claws: How to Grind Dog Nails

You have so many options when it comes to trimming your pets’ nails — scissor-style clippers, guillotine-style trimmers, and high-speed rotary tools to name a few. This guide to grooming your dog’s claws covers the latter — how to grind dog nails. Dog nail grinders are high-speed rotary tools that are designed specifically for gently

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Dog Groomers’ Tools for DIY Grooming at Home (LIST)

What tools do dog groomers use? If you’re thinking of doing your own dog grooming at home, even if it is between visits to your professional dog groomer, you need the right tools. The right groomers’ tools can make the difference between a good session and a total disaster. In this section of The BarxBuddy

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