Dog Grooming Guide

The BarxBuddy team is committed to bringing you helpful information that supports the products in our shop. Check out our dog grooming kit, nail clippers, and nail grinder — they are all the results of tons of research and development and get “two dewclaws up” from our four-legged friends. What better way to share the knowledge than by creating helpful articles on grooming dogs? Here you’ll find articles that answer questions like, “How often does my dog need to be bathed?” “Do I need to trim my dog’s nails?” and “What is the best brush for long-hair dogs?” This dog grooming guide from BarxBuddy is all about do-it-yourself dog grooming. Whether you are learning about dog grooming for beginners or simply looking to safely bathe, brush, and manicure your dog from the comfort of your home, you'll find excellent resources here.  

Do Dogs Get Dandruff? Guide to Your Dog's Dry, Flaky Skin

Do dogs get dandruff? Yes. Like humans, dogs can suffer from itching, dry, flaky skin. As a pet parent, you're probably asking a few questions like why does my dog have dandruff? What do I do if my dog has dandruff? Or,  what does it...Read More

What Is the Best Brush for Dogs? List of Dog Brushes and Uses

If you're a pet parent confused by the ridiculous number of dog brushes on the market, we're with you on that. Use the wrong one on your dog's coat, and he'll most likely let you know! To help you navigate the ever-growing world of brushes,...Read More

Essential Tools and Tips for Trimming Dog Nails

This guide contains lists of tools for grooming your dog’s nails and tips for trimming dog nails without hurting them (or you). It also includes answers to frequently asked questions about trimming and grinding dogs’ nails. If you are looking for a how-to guide for...Read More

Guide to Grooming Your Pet’s Claws: How to Grind Dog Nails

You have so many options when it comes to trimming your pets’ nails — scissor-style clippers, guillotine-style trimmers, and high-speed rotary tools to name a few. This guide to grooming your dog’s claws covers the latter — how to grind dog nails. Dog nail grinders...Read More

How to Use Dog Nail Clippers (And Remain on Good Terms With Your Dog!)

If you allow your dog's nails to grow too long, it can hurt their paws when they walk and run. Overgrown nails can happen to dogs who don't spend a lot of time outside; it also happens to dogs who spend more time on grass...Read More

Dog Groomers' Tools for DIY Grooming at Home (LIST)

What tools do dog groomers use? If you're thinking of doing your own dog grooming at home, even if it is between visits to your professional dog groomer, you need the right tools. The right groomers' tools can make the difference between a good session...Read More

How, When and How OFTEN to Brush Your Dog (Grooming Guide)

Not all dogs were created equal ... at least when it comes to their coats and how they should be cared for.  In this section of The BarxBuddy Guide to Dog Grooming, we offer helpful tips for combing and brushing your dog. Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash...Read More

How to Groom a Dog: Dog Grooming Guide from BarxBuddy

Grooming your own dog can be a special moment between the two of you -- and it can be traumatic for you both, if you don't know what you're doing. If you shampoo, brush and groom your own dog at home, here are eight tips...Read More

Dog Breeds That Shed: Least to Most Shedding Dogs

In this section of The BarxBuddy Guide to Dog Grooming, we’ve compiled a list of dog breeds that have reputations for being heavy shedders, medium shedders, and light shedders. For other information about dog grooming, visit these sections of the guide: Complete guide to brushing...Read More