The ‘Mighty Protector’ Boerboel Dog Breed 

Boerboel Dogs Breed Info

This mighty protector is both intelligent and calm, always keeping a watchful eye on those that it loves. Recognizable for its substantial size and weight, the Boerboel has built up a reputation as a fierce but smart breed that has a particular soft spot for children. Does this hefty breed live up to its reputation? What is it like to own a Boerboel dog? Does it bark a lot? This guide will answer these questions and more!

Do Boerboel Dogs Bark a Lot?

A Boerboel’s barking is dependent on how much effort into training you’ve given. If it perceives many potential threats, it will bark much more often. However, if properly taught to differentiate between good and bad strangers, the Boerboel will simply be on watchful alert.

Keep in mind that the Boerboel is a naturally protective and territorial breed. If not socialized at a young age, it may grow into a very ornery, mistrusting adult. If you’re concerned about a Boerboel’s wariness toward strangers, read this guide on how to train dogs to differentiate between strangers and friends. A Boerboel is an intelligent breed, and will respond well to training from an experienced owner.

Boerboel barking is loud (big dog, big sound), and it works well to ward of strangers.

Be aware that the Boerboel will desire some form of engagement and activity during the day, particularly with their family. If left alone for long periods of time, they will become bored and depressed, barking as a way to express their discomfort. If you’re worried about your Boerboel developing separation anxiety, read our guide on what causes this.

Facts About Boerboels

The name Boerboel originates from the Dutch word “Boer,” which means “farmer,” as Dutch and German settlers of South Africa would train these dogs to protect their farms against predators. Unlike other larger dogs, Boerboels are naturally agile for both hunting and protecting. Today they compete in weight-pulling as well as serving as therapy dogs because of their affection for children and families.

How to you pronounce Boerboel? It’s “bore-bull,” with two syllables and emphasis on the first. It’s not “bow-er-bull” with three. Sometimes Boerboel is misspelled as Boerbel.

  • Size: 22-27 inches tall and 150-200 pounds
  • Boerboel life expectancy: 9-11 years
  • Coat: Short, dense and smooth brown coat
  • AKC group: Working

Are Boerboels Easy to Train?

Boerboel puppies are easy going and easy to train due to their friendly nature. However, as the Boerboel matures, its temperament will grow more protective and cautious, so training must continue into adulthood. That said, the Boerboel is very intelligent and will thrive with an owner actively engaging with it. Daily walks, playtime and training sessions are a great way to train while also keeping your Boerboel happy.

Do Boerboel dogs make good pets?

The Boerboel fits best in a home with an experienced dog owner who has time for socialization and training. They will do well with families, but should be watched carefully when around younger children. Boerboels do best in a home where they are the only dog; however, they will perform well in homes with cats and livestock, guarding them as well as any other family member.

Is the Boerboel a good watch dog or guard dog?

Boerboels make excellent watch dogs, as they are always naturally alert to any potential threats. That said, it’s best to train them not to meet strangers with outright aggression unless prompted to. With enough socialization — meeting new, friendly people as much as possible — it’ll be much easier for the Boerboel to sense a potentially threatening person.

Do Boerboel Dogs Need Grooming?

The Boerboel’s short but dense coat will shed a bit, so weekly brushing with a bristle brush or grooming glove will effectively combat this. They only need baths occasionally, as good brushing will distribute oils throughout their coat to keep it healthy. The Boerboel has dark nails that will require regular trimming, and a nail grinder will be the best for them as this avoids cutting into the quick.

Boerboels do drool somewhat, though less so than some of their mastiff cousins.

Boerboel Mixes

The Boerboel is itself a mix, but it comes in several different distinct types.

  • Hound type: Tall, narrower in the chest and good for hunting
  • Bulldog type: Short and broad with a lot of volume
  • Terrier type: Thinner legs and higher energy, lives longer than other types
  • Mastiff type: Thick legs, large and heavy; shorter lifespan

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