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Whippet Dog Breed Information

That lightning-fast, sleek dog is no greyhound … it’s a Whippet. Smaller than its recognizable racing cousin, the Whippet is a friendly and sensitive breed that can run circles around you one moment and relax at home the next. But what is training a whippet like? Do whippets bark a lot?

These questions and more are answered in this short guide to whippet breed information.

Do Whippets Bark a Lot?

No! Whippets bark very rarely, and usually only to alert their owners if something is wrong or if they’re anxious. Whippets as pets are known for being very calm when inside but having large bursts of energy that need to be relieved with some time outside. If they have time to run around outside, preferably going for a run or chasing a frisbee or ball in a closed area, they’ll be keen to spend the rest of the day lounging around inside. Without a proper outlet for their energy, however, whippets may turn anxious and bark in order to relieve their stress.

If you’re concerned about your Whippet developing separation anxiety due to its strong pack nature, read our guide on how to prevent this!

Facts About Whippets

Whippets were originally bred in 18th century Great Britain to hunt rabbits and participate in speed-based contests. Today, the whippet maintains the title of one of the most popular breeds for lure-coursing and Frisbee catching, running at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Whippets are discomforted by cold, hard surfaces and prefer to spend most of their time on carpets and other furniture.

Quick whippet facts:

  • Size: 20-40 pounds and about 20 inches tall.
  • Whippet life span: Whippets live 12-15 years.
  • Coat: Short, flat hair
  • AKC group: Hound

Are Whippets Easy to Train?

Whippets are smart. The whippet temperament is friendly and eager to please, so they will respond to most training easy. However, they tend to be more difficult to house-train, particularly when trying to get them to stay off furniture. Buying a plush dog bed is a good idea so that they have a place to call their own. When out walking, always keep whippets on a leash because they won’t be able to help themselves if they see a small animal in the distance.

Do whippets make good pets?

Yes! With how little they bark, whippets make excellent pets. They’re very affectionate with families and, after their daily exercise session, will be happy to spend the rest of the day lounging around. They are friendly with most strangers and other dogs too, so you don’t have to worry about taking your whippet anywhere. With a bit of exercise, whippets are very low maintenance dogs.

Is the whippet a good watch dog or guard dog?

With how quiet and people-loving they are, whippets do not make good watch dogs or guard dogs. They are gentle and friendly, responding to most strangers with affection rather than mistrust.

Whippet training tips

This is an intelligent and sensitive breed that does very well with positive reinforcement training techniques. Although they are not known loud barkers, some whippets do well with the BarxBuddy ultrasonic trainer. As we like to say: A tired dog is a good dog. Give your whippet plenty of exercise once a day, and you’ll have an ideal pet.

Do Whippets Need Grooming?

Because whippets have short hair, they don’t need very much maintenance beyond weekly brushing and an occasional bath. They are energetic and fast, so it’s important to keep their nails trimmed so they don’t have any discomfort while moving. A guillotine style nail clipper will do the trick for whippets with lighter colored nails, but dark nails will require a nail grinder in order to avoid clipping the quick.

Do whippets shed?

Whippets are not big shedders, but they do shed somewhat. The best brush for reducing whippet shedding is a pin-style self-cleaning brush. Use it gently once a week, as whippets have delicate skin. You could also use a grooming mit to deshed a whippet.

Popular Whippet Mixes

The whippet is an affectionate, low-maintenance dog and many whippet mix breeds share these traits. If you’re looking for a unique dog that you can call your own, check out these popular mixes!

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