The Elegant Afghan Hound Dog

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Afghan Hound Dog Breed Guide

As the embodiment of elegance in the dog world, the Afghan hound has an appearance unequaled by any other breed. While this ancient dog gets plenty of double-takes, spend any time with an Afghan hound, and you’ll quickly realize there’s much more to them than meets the eye.

Do Afghan Hounds Bark a Lot?

All dogs bark. It’s simply their way of communicating with other canines, animals, and humans. Some dogs bark incessantly, while others remain relatively quiet. Compared to most breeds, Afghan hounds don’t bark much. When they do vocalize, it’s for a reason.

What would cause an Afghan hound to bark? Boredom, separation anxiety, and unknown visitors and intruders.

As adults, this energetic breed requires a considerable amount of exercise. Several leashed long runs with you each week can help prevent boredom. You can further appease an Afghan hound’s energy needs by allowing them to run around in a large enclosed area each day.

Due to this breed’s deep loyalty to their owners, Afghan dogs can suffer from separation anxiety and cause your pet to bark when left alone. Recognizing the signs of separation anxiety and addressing it can eliminate this type of barking behavior. Afghan hounds are instinctively suspicious of unknown humans and other pets. When faced with those they have no experience, Afghan dogs will bark and potentially become aggressive. For this reason, you must exercise caution when introducing your pet to new people or other pets in your home.

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Facts About Afghan Dogs

Bred thousands of years ago to track down game in the Middle East, the Afghan hound made its way to America in 1926 thanks to breed enthusiasts like Zeppo Marx (Marx Brothers). This breed’s model-like flowing locks and dignified attitude have helped Afghan hounds win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show twice, once in 1957 and again in 1983.

  • Afghan hound weight and size: Afghan hounds weigh 50 (female) to 60 (male) pounds, and females are about 25 inches tall, while males reach around 27 inches tall.
  • Life expectancy: Afghan hounds typically live 12 to 18 years.
  • Afghan hound coat: The Afghan hound’s hair is fine, long, thick, and silky. Colors include black, red, cream, and white.
  • AKC group: Hound

Are Afghan Dogs Easy to Train?

Often referred to as one of the world’s “dumbest” dogs, the Afghan hound intelligence is often misunderstood. There are a few reasons why training this breed can prove challenging.

Afghan dogs are not food motivated or an eagerness to please, and they have an independent streak that shows as stubbornness. When breeds like the Afghan hound are bred for specific reasons, training them for other reasons is more complicated. Patience and gentle handling are necessary to prevent this breed from becoming aloof and withdrawn.

Do Afghan dogs make good pets?

Due to their large size and independent nature, Afghan dogs make a better pet for a single adult or family with older children. Early socialization can help the breed adjust to life with younger kids. Afghan hounds have a notable silly side. They get along well with other Afghan hounds and can tolerate living with other breeds. However, this breed will chase after smaller animals due to their hunting instinct, particularly if they run away. Afghan dogs can live in smaller homes or apartments but do best with a fenced yard in which they can run around to feed their energy requirements. Be sure any fence is rather tall as this breed has a high prey drive and is known for escaping by jumping over low barriers.

Is the Afghan dog a good watch dog or guard dog?

Afghan hound temperament includes unwavering loyalty to their owners, which leaves them wary of new people and strangers. Combine this personality trait, a high level of alertness, size, and loud, ferocious bark, and you have an excellent guard dog. If challenged, Afghan dogs will have no problem becoming aggressive.

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Do Afghan Hounds Need Grooming?

Yes. Afghan hounds are a high-maintenance breed that requires lots of attention, although they don’t start that way. As puppies, this breed has a short, fuzzy coat. Adolescent and adult Afghan dogs require routine grooming.

Regular bathing with shampoo and conditioner, along with several hours brushing the long, silky coat of this breed, will keep it looking its best, free of debris, tangles, and mats.

Trimming an Afghan hound’s nails is a must, especially if your dog doesn’t spend much time on hard surfaces like concrete, which naturally files a dog’s nails. Most breeds do well with guillotine-style nails scissors or a nail grinder. Use nail grooming tools with caution if your pet has black nails, as you can’t see the quick.

Afghan Hound Mixes

People often look for Afghan hound mixes in the hope of getting the best qualities of both parents. While mixing breeds is standard practice, there are no guarantees that offspring will possess desirable traits.

Here are some popular Afghan hound breed mixes

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