Dog Breed Guide

The BarxBuddy Dog Breed Guide might be our favorite section in our website (other than our online pet supply shop, of course). Don’t get us wrong: It’s not that we’re partial to “pure” breeds over mixed breeds or crossbreeds. We just love looking at dog pictures. Whether you have an AKC-recognized breed or a mutt with a colorful history, you’ll learn a lot about the history of dogs by studying breeds’ histories. The guides in this section explain how pedigree influences how much a dog barks and whether the dog might be easy to train. You’ll also learn fun facts about dog breeds and what their grooming needs are. If there is one thing we’ve learned by creating this dog breed guide, it’s that no breed is better than another. It’s all about preference!

The Lovey-Dovey Whippet Breed

Whippet Dog Breed Information That lightning-fast, sleek dog is no greyhound … it’s a Whippet. Smaller than its recognizable racing cousin, the Whippet is a friendly and sensitive breed that can run circles around you one moment and relax at home the next. But what...Read More

The Chinese Crested 'Hairless' Dog Breed 

One of the most distinct and sweet toy dogs, the Chinese crested is known for its hairless body and big, wavy hairdo. But you may not know that this stylish breed is also known for its both affectionate and playful personality. But what is caring...Read More

Happy-Go-Lucky Irish Setter Dog Breed

The happy-go-lucky Irish setter is known as a happy-go-lucky breed that’s fun to play with while still having a very sweet temperance. Recognizable for its beautiful chestnut coat, the Irish setter was originally bred in the 1800s for hunting gamebirds with its acute sense of...Read More

Natural Born Trackers — All About The 5 Types of Coonhounds

Born to lead and track, the coonhound has a long reputation of being one of the most effective canine hunting companions. Although there are many different types of coonhounds, they are all known for being naturally active and effective hunters.  Depending on your specific need,...Read More

The Friendly Giant & Top Dog: Saint Bernard Dog Breed 

This friendly giant may be familiar to you for its reputation as both a watchdog and life-saver in the snowy Swiss Alps. The Saint Bernard dog breed has certainly accrued a mighty reputation, but what’s it like to adopt one? Are they easy to train?...Read More

The Little 'Velcro' Dog from Havana, Meet the Havanese Dog Breed

You may instantly recognize this sturdy little toy dog for its long, droopy hair and friendly personality. Cute, yes, but do Havanese dogs make good pets? Do Havanese bark a lot? Are they easy to train? Can you have one in an apartment? This guide...Read More

Beauty of a Lion, Heart of a Lamb — It’s the Collie Dog Breed

That isn’t a lion! It’s in fact the collie, a majestic and capable herding dog that makes an intelligent and dedicated companion. Collies in this breed group are sometimes referred to as rough collie and smooth collies. They have two distant relatives, the border collie...Read More

Brittany Dog Breed -- One Part Hunter, One Part Lover

Athletic and friendly, the Brittany spaniel is ready to go to work. One of the most versatile breeds, the Brittany is a well-known successful hunting, therapy, and service dog. Find out more about this athletic companion with this guide. Do Brittany Spaniels Bark a Lot?...Read More

Giants of All Dogs: All About the 6 Mastiff Dog Breed Types

Two words: Mastiffs rock. The gigantic mastiff dog breed is an ancient breed with an interesting and varied history that dates back thousands of years. They are a beloved breed of dogs, thanks to their size, lovable expressive faces and gentle demeanors.  Mastiffs weren’t always...Read More

Russell Terrier Breeds: Meet Jack, Parson and Russell

Smart enough to outfox a fox, the Russell terrier dog breeds are extremely clever, quick and somewhat independent. Known diggers, the Russell terriers can’t help themselves. They were originally bred as companions to fox hunters, so they’re adept and fearless diggers!    What’s the difference between...Read More

Graceful ‘Gray Ghost’ — the Weimaraner Dog Breed

When you look into the eyes of a Weimaraner, it’s as if he’s looking right back at you, right into your soul. It’s more than those ice-blue-gray, almost human-like eyes, though; the Weimaraner dog breed is among the most attentive and intuitive dogs, thanks to...Read More

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed — the Original ‘Wrinkle Pup’

Informally known as the “wrinkle puppy,” the Chinese shar-pei dog breed was once among the rarest in the world, almost near extinction. That is until they gained popularity in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.  [caption id="attachment_15878" align="aligncenter" width="300"] "Wrinkle" puppies grew in...Read More

Playful Extrovert, the Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed

Known as arctic sled dogs, the Alaskan malamute dog breed is a hard-working breed with a fun-loving, energetic personality. These pack animals love their families and can be very good with children. Despite their size and wolf-like appearance, the malamute is no guard dog. They...Read More

Australian Cattle Dog aka ‘Blue Heeler’ Dog Breed

You’re forgiven if you see an Australian Cattle Dog and think it’s a mutt … not that there is anything wrong with being a mixed breed or mutt. Truth is, you’d not be entirely wrong. According to Dogster, cattlemen in the mid-1800s created the Australian...Read More

Bichon Frise Dog Breed, the People Pleaser Pup 

Who can resist the cute, comical and puffball of a dog —  the bichon frise? With an outgoing personality to match its teddy-bear like appearance, the bichon frise dog breed is a great companion, as long as you’re willing to put in a little work....Read More

The Happy-Go-Lucky English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed

If any dog breed could be described truly as man’s best friend, it’s the English springer spaniel dog breed. Bred as a hunting companion, this lovable pup is eager to please (therefore easy to train) and easily adapts to any environment. With a temperament that...Read More

‘Big Dog of the Mountain’: Great Pyrenees Breed Info 

Don’t be fooled by this mellow giant. While the Great Pyrenees dog breed is quite content to relax indoors or out, the breed can be intimidating when provoked. If you’re looking for a canine companion that is affectionate and protective but low on the neediness...Read More

Bernese Mountain Dog — the Sensitive (and GIANT) Sweetheart

Originally bred as herders and protectors of farms, the Bernese mountain dog breed is a wonderful family pet and watchdog. “Berners,” as they’re known for short, are known for their incredible strength — the AKC says they can pull more than their own weight. (If...Read More

Loyal, Brave and a Little Stubborn: The Shiba Inu Makes a Great Pet

Seeking a great watchdog that's loyal to the core? Say hello to the Shiba Inu, a brave, dignified breed that is also good-natured and good-looking (if we say so). While the age and origin of this breed and its name keep researchers and scientists busy,...Read More

The Cane Corso Dog Breed -- One Part Bodyguard, One Part Playmate

Looking for a breed that is ready to tackle any challenge and thrives on hard work but has a soft side? Deeply devoted and protective of their humans, the regal cane corso dog breed makes excellent guardians. Don't be fooled, though: This breed can be...Read More

Delightful, Loyal, Opinionated: The Pekingese Dog Breed

Often referred to as a lion dog or sun dog, the Pekingese dog breed has long been revered as a sacred breed. The Pekingese dog breed's personality is unique in that they can quickly check you with their royal attitude and simultaneously charm you with...Read More

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed -- Your Lapdog of Lapdogs

Say hello to the king of spaniels! The majestic, gregarious Cavalier King Charles spaniel, or Cav for short, makes a great companion for families of all sizes. Today the Cavalier King Charles spaniel dog breed is considered to be a highly affable family companion. It...Read More

Meet "Mal" the Adventurous and Daring Belgian Malinois Dog Breed

Here's a notice to all energetic, adventurous, outdoorsy kinds of people: If you want the perfect companion, one that can handle military-type adventures and skydive, look no further than the majestic Belgian Malinois dog breed. A Mal's need for camaraderie is only surpassed by their...Read More

That Gentle Giant, the Newfoundland Dog Breed

Behind the imposing frame of the Newfoundland dog breed, or Newfie, lies a gentle, kind-hearted giant. Originating from a Canadian province, Dominion of Newfoundland, this lovable bear of a dog is devoted, patient, and loves the water. While you're assured plenty of kisses from a...Read More

Aikita Dog Breed: Lovable, Fearless and Highly Adaptable

The Akita dog breed is a profoundly loyal animal that can be silly with his humans and protective when necessary. Although these large, fluffy bundles of energy are made for harsh outdoor conditions, they are adaptable and can do well in a small home, apartment...Read More

The Majestic Lhasa Apso Dog Breed

Lhasa apso is a majestic and sensitive breed. Don't let their short stature fool you; the Lhasa apso dog breed was initially bred as a watchdog. Over the centuries, Lhasa apsos have become beloved companions for many dog owners. Playful yet willful, a Lhasa apso...Read More

'Smiling Sam': Learn About the Samoyed Dog Breed

They're so fluffy! The arctic-ready, sturdy Samoyed breed makes excellent pets for active owners. They tend to get along well with other pets (especially if raised with them) and children. The curved corners of their mouths give the appearance of a permanent smile. However, experts...Read More

Papillon Dog Breed — The 'Butterfly' of Dogs

Look at those ears! You can't miss the typical erect ears of a papillon. The size and shape of the papillon's ears resemble wings, which is quite apropos, considering the breed's name “papillon” is French for butterfly. That being said, not all papillons have tremendously...Read More

Greyhound Dog Breed: Fast, Graceful & Oh So Sweet

Fascinated by the aerodynamic build of the greyhound dog breed? You're not alone. These svelte dogs have captivated and impressed humans for centuries. Did we mention greyhounds are the second fastest land animals (cheetahs are first) on earth? They’re capable of reaching speeds of 45...Read More

Affable & Hypoallergenic: Portuguese Water Dog Breed Makes a Great Pet

Suffer from pet allergies? The Portuguese water dog is a great pick, as they are considered hypoallergenic. These cute bundles of curls are affectionate, athletic, and adventurous, ensuring plenty of family fun. Portuguese water dogs even graced the White House's hallways as First Dogs of...Read More

Dalmatian Dog Breed — The 'Noblest' of Dog Breeds

Did you know dalmatians are born without their distinguishing spots? It's true, the dalmatian dog breed gets their spots as they age. And, like snowflakes, no two dalmatians have the same spotted pattern. If you're looking for more info on these beautiful, majestic creatures, like...Read More

Chill With the Chow Chow Dog Breed

Chow chows may be compact, ferociously fluffy, and seem to have a permanent scowl, but they are very chill pets and loyal to their families. The chow chow dog breed has two distinctive characteristics: lion-like manes and bluish-purple tongues. Do they make good pets? Do...Read More

Corgi Breed Info: Why Are Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis So Popular?

A corgi is a corgi, right? Wrong. While corgis look a LOT alike, there are two different breeds: Cardigan Welsh and Pembroke Welsh. Queen Elizabeth II fancies the Pembroke and has bred 14 generations of them. Learn more corgi breed info and why corgis are...Read More

That 'Handsome Devil,' The Bloodhound Dog Breed

Oh, that handsome devil, the bloodhound. Known for their keen senses of smell and laid-back personalities, the bloodhound dog breed is among the AKC's top dogs. They're also popular sleuths for police, and they are often used in search-and-rescue missions.  Do bloodhounds make good pets?...Read More

The 'Gifted' Boxer Dog Breed — Facts About Grooming, Raising and Caring for Boxers

The boxer dog breed — cute, affectionate, energetic, protective and incredibly intelligent — it is one of the most popular types of dog in the United States. Some might even say the boxer is "gifted" because of the breed's many talents.  Originally bred as a...Read More

Basenji Dog Breed Info About the 'Barkless' Dog

Why is the basenji known as the barkless dog? The basenji has a long and fascinating history and quirky personality traits (yodeling barks, cat-like self-grooming, and human-like expressions). Here you will find basenji dog breed info and the history of one of the world's oldest...Read More

The 'Apollo' of Dogs -- The Great Dane Dog Breed

The Great Dane — known as the Apollo of dogs — is one of the tallest in the world. Is a dog that size easy to train? What kind of grooming needs do they have? This guide to the Great Dane breed will answer questions...Read More

The 'American Gentleman' -- The Boston Terrier Dog Breed

The Boston terrier is a lively, spirited and wonderful family dog. They earned the nickname "The American Gentleman" because their black-and-white patterns look like tuxedos. (Which, we have to say, is a bit unfair to Boston terrier females!) They also hold a special place in...Read More

The Sweet (and Often Misunderstood) Pitbull Dog Breed

If there is any dog that has a bum reputation, it's the pitbull dog breed. Although the AKC doesn't recognize the pitbull as a breed, it does recognize the American Staffordshire terrier, which is the breed that is often referred to as a pitbull (which...Read More

The Athletic Siberian Husky Dog Breed

Originally bred as sled dogs, Siberian Huskies make great pets as long as you train them from a young age and make sure they get lots of exercise every day. They get along great with humans, and they do well in packs, but they are...Read More

The Powerful Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Although the Doberman pinscher wasn't bred to be a companion dog, it can make a wonderful, loyal and protective pet if it is socialized early and trained well. Dobermans often serve with distinction alongside the military, police, first responders and health care professionals as therapy...Read More

The Laid-Back Basset Hound Dog Breed

There is so much to love about the basset hound breed! They are among the most laid-back dog breeds, and their keen senses of smell are second only to the bloodhound. Bassets make wonderful pets because of their easy-going nature and loyalty. Do Basset Hounds...Read More

The King of All Terriers: The Airedale Terrier Breed

Terriers are among the most popular — and largest — groups of dog breeds, and the Airedale stands as the tallest and largest breed of all terriers. The Airedale terrier breed has a reputation for being uber-intelligent, very protective and wonderful family dogs. Their lineage...Read More

The Tenacious Bulldog and American Bulldog Breeds

What is the most popular breed of dogs among college mascots? None other than the bulldog breed, thanks to its scrappy history and tenacious reputation (which is why some people earn the nickname "bulldog"). The history behind bulldogs dates back to the 1200s when bullfighters...Read More

The Playful Cocker Spaniel Breeds (American and English)

Originally bred as a hunting and retrieving dog, the cocker spaniel has become a favorite pet for families all over the world. The cocker spaniel's temperament is often described as "merry" because they're eager to please and they love their human companions. Enjoy many rounds of...Read More

Big Dog in a Small Package: The Perky Pomeranian Breed

You might think you're the boss at home, but the always-smiling Pomeranian knows who's really in charge. Some people describe Poms as having big-dog temperaments in a small-dog body. But who can argue with this always-smiling dog breed!? Are you interested in adopting a Pomeranian...Read More

'Smarty Pants' Pups: The Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle Breeds

Poodles get a bad rap. They're often referred to as "yappy" dogs that are high strung, but it's not their fault. The poodle by nature prefers humans to canines, so forgive him if he just wants to get in on your conversation. Despite being energetic...Read More

America's Top Dog: The Labrador Retriever Breed

Who's a good dog? According to the AKC's list of most popular dogs, the Labrador Retriever breed holds the No. 1 spot for Americans, and it's easy to see why: gentle demeanor, eager to please, easy to train ... and who can resist those sweet...Read More

Meet the New 'Boss': Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Ah, the bossy Yorkie. She's one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., and it's no surprise why. They're cute, smart and when they move in, they quickly take over your home and heart. Are you curious as to whether the Yorkshire terrier...Read More

The Cowboy's Dog: Australian Shepherd Breed Info

Are you thinking about getting an Australian shepherd and you want to learn more about this breed? Do they make a good family pet? Are Australian shepherds easy to train? How much grooming do they require? Do Australian shepherds bark a lot? Learn more about...Read More

The Family Dog: Meet the Beloved Golden Retriever Breed

Curious about how much golden retrievers shed? Do they make good companion dogs for families with children? Do golden retrievers bark much? The golden retriever breed is one of the most popular dogs because of its loyalty, trainability, devotion to their families and energy. Learn...Read More

The 'Dashing' Canine Companion: Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Looking for a new family dog and you're curious as to whether a schnauzer would fit right in? What are their grooming needs? Do schnauzers bark a lot? Are they easy to train? Get information about the schnauzer dog breed and why they're so popular....Read More

The 'Lion Dog': The Shih-Tzu Dog Breed

You've seen them on TV, you've seen them in the arms of celebrities, but what are shih-tzu, or "lion dogs"? Wondering how much grooming goes into a shih-tzu look? Do they shed a lot? Do shih-tzu make good pets? Are they incessant barkers? Are shih-tzu...Read More

Meet the 'Aristocrat': Maltese Dog Breed Info

Interested in getting a Maltese? You most likely have plenty of questions about this breed, like how much work does it take to maintain their coats? Do they make a good family pet? Are Malteses easy to train? Are Maltese barkers? Get Maltese dog breed...Read More

The 'Busy' Border Collie: Breed Info and Facts About Border Collies

Do you already own a border collie and want to learn more about this breed? Maybe you're interested in adopting a border collie into your family and want to find out if they are good around children, whether they are easy to train and if...Read More

The Loyal Protector: Rottweiler Dog Breed Info

If you're a new rottweiler owner or looking to adopt a rottweiler, you may have a few questions about the breed. Do they bark a lot? Are rottweilers easy to train? Do they make a good family pet? What kind of grooming needs do rottweilers...Read More

The 'Charmer': Pug Dog Breed Info

New to the wonderful world of pugs? Curious as to whether a pug would make a great family pet? What kind of grooming do pugs require? Do they bark a lot? Are they easy to train? Here is pug dog breed info to answer those...Read More

The 'Courageous' German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Breed Info Ever wonder if German shepherds make great family pets? How easy are they to train? Do German shepherds bark a lot? What kind of grooming do they require? What about German shepherd mixes? Read on to get German shepherd dog...Read More

The Lovable French Bulldog Dog Breed

To say the French bulldog has a colorful past is an understatement. These little guys (and gals) descend from the bulldog, which bullfighters used back in medieval times as "bait dogs" ... a practice that, you will be glad to know, England banned in the...Read More

The 'Protector': Chihuahua Dog Breed Info

Thinking about adding a Chihuahua to your family and want to learn more about the breed? You probably have plenty of questions like do Chihuahuas do well with kids? Do they require a lot of grooming attention? Are they easy to train? Do Chihuahuas bark...Read More

The 'BFF' Beagle Dog Breed

How easy are beagles to train? Can you teach a beagle to stop barking or to bark on command? Do beagles shed a lot? This guide to beagle dogs answers questions about beagles and their barking, trainability, grooming and more. Do Beagles Bark a Lot?...Read More

The 'Wiener Dog' Dachshund Dog Breed

Looking to learn a bit about dachshunds? Curious as to whether they make a great pet? Do dachshunds bark a lot? Are they easy to train? What are the grooming needs of a dachshund? This guide to dachshund will answer these questions and many more....Read More