Dog Breed Guide

Get information about your favorite dog breeds from BarxBuddy, the experts in training, grooming, and raising happy and healthy dogs.

The Playful Cocker Spaniel Breeds (American and English)

Originally bred as a hunting and retrieving dog, the cocker spaniel has become a favorite pet for families all over the world. The cocker spaniel's temperament is often described as "merry" because they're eager to please and they love their human companions. Enjoy many rounds of...Read More

Big Dog in a Small Package: The Perky Pomeranian Breed

You might think you're the boss at home, but the always-smiling Pomeranian knows who's really in charge. Some people describe Poms as having big-dog temperaments in a small-dog body. But who can argue with this always-smiling dog breed!? Are you interested in adopting a Pomeranian...Read More

'Smarty Pants' Pups: The Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle Breeds

Poodles get a bad rap. They're often referred to as "yappy" dogs that are high strung, but it's not their fault. The poodle by nature prefers humans to canines, so forgive him if he just wants to get in on your conversation. Despite being energetic...Read More

America's Top Dog: The Labrador Retriever Breed

Who's a good dog? According to the AKC's list of most popular dogs, the Labrador Retriever breed holds the No. 1 spot for Americans, and it's easy to see why: gentle demeanor, eager to please, easy to train ... and who can resist those sweet...Read More

Meet the New 'Boss': Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Ah, the bossy Yorkie. She's one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., and it's no surprise why. They're cute, smart and when they move in, they quickly take over your home and heart. Are you curious as to whether the Yorkshire terrier...Read More

The Cowboy's Dog: Australian Shepherd Breed Info

Are you thinking about getting an Australian shepherd and you want to learn more about this breed? Do they make a good family pet? Are Australian shepherds easy to train? How much grooming do they require? Do Australian shepherds bark a lot? Learn more about...Read More

The Family Dog: Meet the Beloved Golden Retriever Breed

Curious about how much golden retrievers shed? Do they make good companion dogs for families with children? Do golden retrievers bark much? The golden retriever breed is one of the most popular dogs because of its loyalty, trainability, devotion to their families and energy. Learn...Read More

The 'Dashing' Canine Companion: Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Looking for a new family dog and you're curious as to whether a schnauzer would fit right in? What are their grooming needs? Do schnauzers bark a lot? Are they easy to train? Get information about the schnauzer dog breed and why they're so popular....Read More

The 'Lion Dog': The Shih-Tzu Dog Breed

You've seen them on TV, you've seen them in the arms of celebrities, but what are shih-tzu, or "lion dogs"? Wondering how much grooming goes into a shih-tzu look? Do they shed a lot? Do shih-tzu make good pets? Are they incessant barkers? Are shih-tzu...Read More

Meet the 'Aristocrat': Maltese Dog Breed Info

Interested in getting a Maltese? You most likely have plenty of questions about this breed, like how much work does it take to maintain their coats? Do they make a good family pet? Are Malteses easy to train? Are Maltese barkers? Get Maltese dog breed...Read More

The 'Busy' Border Collie: Breed Info and Facts About Border Collies

Do you already own a border collie and want to learn more about this breed? Maybe you're interested in adopting a border collie into your family and want to find out if they are good around children, whether they are easy to train and if...Read More

The Loyal Protector: Rottweiler Dog Breed Info

If you're a new rottweiler owner or looking to adopt a rottweiler, you may have a few questions about the breed. Do they bark a lot? Are rottweilers easy to train? Do they make a good family pet? What kind of grooming needs do rottweilers...Read More

The 'Charmer': Pug Dog Breed Info

New to the wonderful world of pugs? Curious as to whether a pug would make a great family pet? What kind of grooming do pugs require? Do they bark a lot? Are they easy to train? Here is pug dog breed info to answer those...Read More

The 'Courageous' German Shepherd Dog

Ever wonder if German shepherds make great family pets? How easy are they to train? Do German shepherds bark a lot? What kind of grooming do they require? What about German shepherd mixes? Read on to get German shepherd dog breed info, which will answer...Read More

The Lovable French Bulldog Dog Breed

If you're interested in getting a French bulldog, or Frenchie, you probably have plenty of questions in mind. Do they make great pets? Are they hard to train? How much grooming do they require? Do French bulldogs bark a lot? This guide to French bulldogs...Read More

The 'Protector': Chihuahua Dog Breed Info

Thinking about adding a Chihuahua to your family and want to learn more about the breed? You probably have plenty of questions like do Chihuahuas do well with kids? Do they require a lot of grooming attention? Are they easy to train? Do Chihuahuas bark...Read More

The 'BFF' Beagle Dog Breed

How easy are beagles to train? Can you teach a beagle to stop barking or to bark on command? Do beagles shed a lot? This guide to beagle dogs answers questions about beagles and their barking, trainability, grooming and more. Do Beagles Bark a Lot?...Read More

The 'Wiener Dog' Dachshund Dog Breed

Looking to learn a bit about dachshunds? Curious as to whether they make a great pet? Do dachshunds bark a lot? Are they easy to train? What are the grooming needs of a dachshund? This guide to dachshund will answer these questions and many more....Read More