3-Step Guide to Controlling Your Dog’s Alert Barking at the Window

Too Much Doggie Barking in the Window?

Are your days filled with your dog aggressively barking at windows? You can’t fault them for it — alert barking at the window is a dog’s most important job. You don’t want to have to shutter your windows to deprive everyone from the beauty of the outdoors, yet that excessive alert barking can get beyond annoying. Those maniacal barks serve two purposes: To alert you to “stranger danger” and to warn strangers that there’s a guard on duty. Still … you know that every move and sound outside can rustle your dog right up to the sill and get them barking forever. Although it’s OK for your dog to alert you when someone visits, the excessive barking gets real old fast. Relief for this behavior is in reach; there are steps you can take to control and stop your dog from barking at the window.

Acknowledge Your Dog’s Alert Barking

If your dog lives to sit on top of the couch and peer out window all day, chances are he barks with reckless abandon because you haven’t done YOUR job. The best way to reduce your dog’s alert barking at windows is to acknowledge his warning. Instead of ignoring your pet and hoping he’ll stop barking — get up, look outside, pet him and say, “thank you.” Or, issue the “quiet” command you use with the ultrasonic training device. It assures him he’s doing a fine job, and he’ll quiet down until the next unusual sight or sound that arouses him. Of course, for this approach to be effective, you must acknowledge your dog every time he alert barks. Lack of a “thank you” or “quiet” every time may confuse your pet and cause him to bark even more just to get your attention.

Prevent Alert Barking (Mask Sights and Sounds)

Want to know how to block your dog from window barking? Try masking or cloaking outdoor sights and sounds to prevent your pet from seeing and hearing any triggers like the UPS truck approaching, kids playing net door, or people walking their dogs. One way to keep a dog from looking out windows and doors is to close your windows and doors and any blinds or curtains they may have. If your pet still finds his way to bark through the blinds or curtains, apply a frosted-glass spray to create a semi-transparent coating on the window or door. An alternative is to place a removable peel-and-stick plastic privacy film onto the glass. Both of these options still allow light while blurring the goings-on outside to where your pet can not discern movements. To remove audible triggers, turn on the TV or radio to something your pet finds familiar and comforting. Be sure the volume is loud enough that your pet doesn’t pay attention to other noises. If your pet is a high-energy dog that doesn’t stop barking at the window when you leave, a distraction can prove helpful. A motion-activated busy ball can keep your pet occupied long enough he’ll never know you were away. On the other hand, some dogs, when left home alone, find comfort in barking AND chewing or biting on all kinds of things. In place of your furniture and shoes, offer your pet a dog chew toy that’s durable enough, even for the most aggressive chewers.

Step 3: Use Train, Treat, Repeat Training Method

Using BarxBuddy’s train, treat, repeat training method may be your answer to how to keep dogs from jumping on windows and barking excessively. Before you begin training, you must know that success relies on your full commitment. Anything less, and your dog will continue his constant barking out the window. You’ll also need two items: a handheld ultrasonic training tool and LOTS of healthy, tasty treats for rewarding your dog. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Step 1: When your dog starts barking out the window, point the ultrasonic training device toward him, press the button, and release. The tool emits a sound only your dog will hear. The noise will immediately get his attention and cause him to stop barking. When your dog pauses, provide the “quiet” command.
  • Step2: If your pet complies with your command, immediately offer your dog a treat and praise. If he directly goes back to barking, press and release the ultrasonic trainer again.
  • Step 3: Repeat the process every time your dog barks out the window.

While the BarxBuddy approach only takes three steps, there are a few things you must remember:

  • Keep calm: never scold, punish or yell at your pet. Not only will this not fix his behavior, but it may do the opposite and make him fearful enough to bark more or pick up other unwanted habits.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Expect it to take some time for your pet to stop his constant window barking. Yes, you will immediately quiet him with the BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device; but, you can’t change a behavior overnight.
  • Make it a team effort: If you have other household members, they all must be on board with any type of training. When it’s a team effort, training is consistent and prevents your dog from confusion and getting away with bad behavior behind your back.
  • Reward good alert barking: Anytime your pet lets you know when someone is near and STOPS barking without the need of a cue from you, reward him with a treat and praise.

Remember, in the end, while your dog’s barking at the window drives you crazy, your dog is merely doing his job, maybe a bit too well.

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