My Dog Barks at Everything: How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking at Everything

Why Does My Dog Bark at Everything That Passes By?

“My dog barks at everything that passes by, and it’s driving me crazy.”

We hear that a lot. Yes, you can train your dog to stop annoying barking, and you can teach it when it is OK to bark.

“But I’ve tried, but my dog barks at every sound and everything that moves.”

We hear that too, and we often find that the problem isn’t the dog. Unfortunately, it’s probably you. If your dog isn’t responding to your commands, it’s probably you, not her.

“That’s not what I wanted to hear.” We know. As pet owners, we’d like to blame our animals for their bad behaviors, but when dog training fails, it’s usually because:

  • You use the wrong tools or no tools, or …
  • You are hit-and-miss with your technique, or …
  • You’re just confusing your dog rather than teaching him, or …
  • …all of the above.

Dogs bark to communicate, and some dogs, like some people, are more communicative than others. The real question is, what is your dog trying to tell you when he barks? There are four possibilities:

How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark at Everything

If only we could sit down with our dogs, have a heart-to-heart and explain why we need them to stop barking at everything. Their brains just don’t work the way ours do.

Our train, treat, repeat methodology for barking dogs works. Train your dog to stop unwanted behaviors, and reward them for doing the things you want them to do. The method is simple, and it takes patience and commitment.

When your dog is barking at “everything,” use the BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device to get his attention. Learn more about how BarxBuddy works.

  • TRAIN Give a firm verbal command, “quiet,” or “go to your place,” or whatever command you decide. Be consistent, and make sure everyone in your household has a BarxBuddy and understands the train, treat, repeat process.
  • TREAT Reward with a treat the next time your dog sees the same trigger and doesn’t bark.
  • REPEAT Consistency and repetition are key to successful dog training.

Barking Dog Solutions: Tools & Training

You’ll find many devices to stop barking dogs or to keep dogs from barking, but they are effective only when you use them properly and consistently.

You will see hundreds of anti-barking devices that help you train your dog — bark collars, clickers, whistles, treats and noise makers. Some are more effective than others; some are easier to use than others; and some are more humane than others.

Anti Barking Devices for Dogs

An anti-barking device prevents a dog from barking, such as a muzzle. We are not in favor of using muzzles to prevent barking; these devices are intended to be used to stop dogs from biting. There are better, more humane anti-bark tools.

Dog Barking Deterrent

Some dog barking prevention devices work better than others and, as with all training tools, the effectiveness of any tool depends on how you use it. A dog barking deterrent is a tool you use while your dog is barking, to distract her from barking so you can get her attention, correct her behavior and reward her when she’s behaved properly.

The most effective tool we have found is the BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device. It is humane, easy to use, and it works. We believe in it so much, we built an entire business for innovative pet products around it. Learn more at BarxBuddy FAQ.

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