Dog Barking Guide

The BarxBuddy Dog Barking Guide explains why dogs bark and offers solutions to stop annoying dog barking. We are committed to providing products for dogs that are humane and effective. Within this guide, you will find articles about the many reasons dogs bark -- they want your attention, they're alarmed, they're bored. In your dog's mind, he has one job: Protect and defend you, your property, and your family. How? He makes noise, not only to alarm potential intruders but also to let you know, "something isn't right." Sometimes, however, your dog barks simply because he or she wants your attention or they're hungry. How do you know the difference? Learn to speak dog. Our goal with this dog barking guide is to help you learn to speak "dog." Understand why your dog is barking so you can address the triggers and teach your dog "quiet" commands.

3-Step Guide to Controlling Your Dog's Alert Barking at the Window

Too Much Doggie Barking in the Window? Are your days filled with your dog aggressively barking at windows? You can't fault them for it -- alert barking at the window is a dog's most important job. You don't want to have to shutter your windows...Read More

BarxBuddy Reviews How to Use The BarxBuddy to Control Barking Dogs

Welcome to our guide to understanding why dogs bark. Below the team from BarxBuddy reviews how to use our signature product, The BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device, to control barking dogs (even if they're not yours). We at BarxBuddy often are asked to demonstrate and explain...Read More

Strangers, Visitors, Intruders: Teaching Your Dog The Difference (and When It's OK to Bark)

Dog barking can be frustrating for us humans, because we’re (somewhat) reasonable creatures — we know when to be quiet and when to speak up. Dogs? Not so much. They look to us for cues. That said, some dogs can be easier than others to...Read More

How to Curb Attention Seeking Demand Barking from Your Dog

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking for Attention Do you have a bossy dog that rules the roost? You know the kind of dog we’re talking about: She manipulates you and the situation, to her favor. She paws, whines, stares, nips, growls, and...Read More

Dog Barks at Other Dogs? Why and What to Do To Stop Dogs Barking at Each Other

Can You Stop a Dog Barking at Other Dogs? Your dog barks at other dogs? Totally normal. But ... oh, how do you stop dogs barking at other dogs ... Does your dog love people but go ballistic when it sees other dogs? Or maybe...Read More

Quietest Dog Breeds vs Loud Dog Breeds: Our List of Least to Most Barking Dogs

Was Your Dog Born to Bark? Ever notice how your neighbor's dog is quiet, while yours barks like a fool at the slightest movement or sound in the neighborhood? While your dog's reaction to his environment drives you crazy, there might be a sound reason...Read More

My Dog Chases Cars: Why and What Do I Do to Keep Him Safe?

Is Your Dog a Chronic Car Chaser? Do you have a dog that barks at cars when they pass by? Does he lie in wait near the road just to chase cars? If your dog chases cars or is overly enthusiastic when he sees vehicles...Read More

Crate Training a Dog (and What to Do About Dog Barking in Its Crate)

Not All Dogs are ‘Crated’ Equally: What to Do When Dog Barks in Crate Dogs are den animals. They seek small, enclosed spaces to keep safe from danger, rest, and raise a family. Because dogs don't like to soil their dens, crate training is one...Read More

Dog Separation Anxiety and How to Stop Dog Barking When Left Home Alone

Dog Separation Anxiety is Legit! What Are the Signs & Solutions for Calming an Anxious Dog? According to the ASPCA, dogs that are adopted from rescue shelters or adopted during adulthood tend to have separation anxiety more than dogs that are raised by the same...Read More

My Dog Barks at Everything: How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking at Everything

Why Does My Dog Bark at Everything That Passes By? “My dog barks at everything that passes by, and it’s driving me crazy.” We hear that a lot. Yes, you can train your dog to stop annoying barking, and you can teach it when it is OK...Read More

Dog Howling, Dog Whining & Dog Baying ... What's the Difference?

Why Do Dogs Howl? What Does Dog Baying Mean? Why Do Dogs Whine? Dogs use several sounds to communicate with humans and fellow canines; the most familiar is barking. Lesser common sounds include howling, whining, and baying. To understand your dogs howling and barking, and...Read More