What’s the Difference Between a Crossbreed, Mixed, and Pedigree Dog?

Welp, we are guessing that you're on this page either because you're looking for a dog and trying to understand the various breeds, mixes, and crosses ... or you're having a drink with friends and looking to settle a bet. Either way, we can answer your questions: What is the difference between crossbreed dogs, mixed breed dogs and pedigrees? How do you define purebred dogs? What's the difference between pedigree and purebred dogs? If you...Read more

Adopting vs Buying a Pet — Are Purebred Dogs Better than Mixed Breeds?

Should you adopt a dog from a shelter or buy one from a breeder — which is better and why? The answer is neither — it’s all about personal preference, and both rescue dogs and pedigree dogs come with excellent benefits. We’re not in the “who’s right” game — we love dogs and encourage you to find the right dog for your living situation. Weighing the pros and cons of adopting vs buying a pet...Read more