Camping With Dogs? What To Do About Dogs Barking at Campgrounds

All dogs react to one thing or another. Your dog may go crazy when a stranger walks by the window, whereas your neighbor's dog barks only when someone rings the doorbell. Regardless of the trigger, taking your dog camping may heighten his senses and have him unleash a barkfest you haven't heard before. Even the most chill of dogs may react to things going on around a campground. Don't let the fear of your dog...Read more

Dog-Friendly Vacations: Best Places to Travel With Your Pets

Know what's better than hanging at home with your dog? Going on vacations with dogs. Today's hotels, resorts, parks and attractions realize that pets are part of our families. They make it easy to find pet- and dog-friendly vacations. Vacations with dogs can be fun, exciting, and adventurous with a bit of planning. Travel can be less stressful when you don't have to worry about leaving pets behind. It can also be less expensive (sometimes...Read more

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car: All About Dog Seat Belts, Restraints and Harnesses

Many of us are guilty of driving a car with our dogs either in the front passenger seat or in our laps. If your dog has anxiety about car rides, it's difficult to put your pet in the back seat where you can't comfort him during your trip. And, if your pet loves being in the car, you can't help but want his adorably excited face right next to you. While you may think the...Read more

15 Essential Tips for How to Travel with a Dog in a Car or RV

Whether you're a weekend get-away kind of family or world travelers, you know it can be a painful situation if you have a dog. Often folks are forced to leave their pets in kennels or boarding facilities while they travel because they don’t think their plans can accommodate the family dog.  Taking your pet along on your travels is possible and can be enjoyable. To ensure things go well, BarxBuddy has 15 tips for traveling...Read more

List of Online Resources for Dog Lovers

Bookmark These Dog Websites! Our Big List of Online Resources for Dog Lovers Looking for some health information for your dog? Searching for the perfect companion and not sure where to start? Or, maybe you need some pet inspiration? If you're a dog lover and looking for pet resources you've come to the right place. We have gathered several websites that we consider worthy of sharing with you as a pet parent.  Best Pet Websites...Read more