How to Write a Letter to Your Neighbor About Their Barking Dog (Sample Included)

Does your neighbor's dog barking drive you nuts? Does the dog bark incessantly? If you find yourself in a situation in which your neighbor's dog barks all the time and its owner doesn't seem to do anything about it, good news, you have some options that can help. While you might be tempted to yell at the dog or even your neighbor out of frustration, take a deep breath and try this before you get heated: Write...Read more

Who Do I Call to Complain About a Neighbor’s Barking Dog?

What are the most annoying sounds to the human ear? Fingernails on a chalkboard, car alarms, squeaking brakes, microphone feedback, mosquitoes and flies, and … excessive barking dogs, according to several surveys we found. And when it’s someone else’s dog that’s barking excessively? The annoyance factor can be off the charts. Whether you’re just starting your research for tools to help you stop a barking dog, or you’ve reached your whit’s end and feel you’ve...Read more

How to Stop Your Dog Barking at Neighbors

You really don’t want to be that neighbor, do you? The one with the noisy dog that turns neighbors into “frenemies”?  If your dog is harassing your neighbors and barking constantly, it’s probably for a “good” reason: She has one job — to protect her territory. Your dog is not barking at neighbors because she hates them — that’s not the reason! Dogs tend to bark more when they are at home for this reason; they’re protecting...Read more