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Laid Back & Chill: These Are the Most Calm and Quiet Dog Breeds

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What Is the Calmest Breed of Dog?

Is your dog calm, cool, and collected? Or, is your canine high-strung, yapping at every noise and movement? An owner’s temperament and approach to training can make a huge difference in how a dog behaves. Several “chill dog breeds” are so composed, though, that they have the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognition of “calm dog.” If a quiet, subdued pup sounds like the perfect dog for you, we have a list of the most calm and quiet dog breeds. However, remember that dogs are individuals; their personalities are affected by a number of things in addition to breed.

The most relaxed dog breeds tend to be breeds that were trained as companions or lapdogs. That said, many working dogs can also be some of the most relaxed dogs, especially if they get daily exercise.

What Are the Most Laid-Back Dog Breeds?

According to our research, the following 10 breeds tend to have reputations for being the most mellow dog breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – With a gentle demeanor, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a tremendous emotional support or therapy dog and does well in a home with children or multiple family members. This calm, cuddly dog breed loves your lap and exercise. 

cavalier king charles spaniel

Basset hound – One of the calmest dogs is the Basset hound. Often content to snooze on the couch, Basset hounds are independent and can be challenging to train. However, with some patience and persistence on the owner’s part, this breed is quiet, lovable, and loyal. 

bassett hound

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Bergamasco sheepdog – From the Italian Alps, the Bergamasco sheepdog is protective and may take some time warming up to strangers. It tends to be highly intelligent and bright. In addition to being one of the calmer dog breeds, the Bergamasco sheepdog is considered a low maintenance breed.  

bergamasco sheepdog

Boerboel – This breed is protective and loyal. While the Boerboel does well with children, placement in a home with newer dog owners is not advised. Although the Boerboel is one of the most relaxed dog breeds, they tend to be protective and dominant.

Boerboel dog

Clumber spaniel – This calm sweet dog breed is known for its hunting skills and loyalty. Clumber spaniels are reliable, very affectionate, and dedicated to their work. They do well with training. 

French bulldog – Friendly and easy-to-please, French bulldogs often have larger-than-life personalities that make great companions. This breed gets along well with other dogs and doesn’t bark much.  

french bulldog

Irish wolfhound – Highly intelligent, Irish wolfhounds learn quickly. They are calm and sensitive to human emotions, making them ideal therapy dogs.

irish wolfhound

Pekingese – Outgoing and friendly, Pekingese are independent, loving, and full of personality. This breed would do best in a home without children, although they can adapt to being around kids. Pekingese are considered one of the more affectionate, kind, and calm canine companions. 


Saint Bernard – These big, calm, gentle giants love being with their owners. Due to their size and ability to knock people over, especially children, training Saint Bernards is recommended and tremendously helpful.

saint bernard

Which Breeds Are Easiest to Train?

Although the following breeds don’t earn the distinction of calmness, they do earn points for being the easiest to train, which can help you create a calm dog.

Golden retriever – One of the more popular breeds, Golden retrievers make great family dogs. Rated the most eager to please by the AKC, this breed is smart, highly motivated by food and easy to train.

golden retriever

Australian cattle dog – This intelligent breed requires regular exercise to prevent destructive behavior. Highly trainable, Australian cattle dogs make devoted guard dogs.

Border collie – Intelligent and committed to their owner, the border Collie is sensitive and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods. This breed is highly energetic and easy to train. 

Australian shepherd – The Australian shepherd, bred to be herding dogs, works well with their humans and is reasonably easy to train when they receive at least 30-60 minutes of exercise daily.

Labrador retriever – Another one of the smartest breeds the happy, easy-going demeanor of Labrador retrievers, makes them easy to train. This is also one of the best calm dog breeds for families. 

labrador retriever

Poodle – Considered one of the smartest breeds, poodles train easily. However, it is best to begin training and socializing them at a young age, or they can develop constant anxiety. 


German shepherd – Agile, intelligent, and obedient describe German shepherds. This breed excels at agility courses and is highly trainable. 

german shepherd

Doberman pinscher – Intelligent, obedient, and loyal, the Doberman pinscher is highly trainable. This breed is known as an outstanding guard dog and for working with first-responders, including police officers.

doberman pinscher

Papillon – This naturally curious toy dog breed responds well to training and positive reinforcement. Papillon are often considered to be one of the most obedient and trainable toy dog breeds. 

Cardigan Welsh corgi – The cute and adorable Cardigan Welsh corgis are loving and eager to please, making them both easy and fun to train. 

cardigan welsh corgi

Miniature schnauzer – Even though these little guys can be stubborn if their owners don’t take charge, miniature schnauzers respond well to consistent training. They are considered loyal and very playful. 


Shetland sheepdog – Without early training and socialization, this intelligent breed can acquire some not so cool habits, like barking and nipping. Given plenty of treats and praise, however, the Shetland Sheepdog is easy to train. 

shetland sheepdog

Laid Back Small Dog Breeds

  • Biewer terrier
  • Bolognese
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • French bulldog
  • Pekingese
  • Tibetan spaniel

Calm Dog Breeds Medium Sized

  • Basset hound
  • Bergamasco sheepdog
  • Karelian bear dog

Calm Large Dog Breeds

  • Central Asian shepherd dog
  • Estrela mountain dog
  • Perro d presa canario
  • Rafeiro do Alentejo
  • Slovensky cuvac
  • Tornjak
  • Tosa

Tips to Train Any Dog, Even the Chillest Dog Breeds 

No matter how calm and quiet your dog’s breed, no dog trains themselves; that’s your job. And, to train your dog well, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Consider your dog’s physical and mental limitations.
  2. If you are training a puppy, puppy proof your home e.g., crate, gates, and safe toys.
  3. Learn your dog’s body language.
  4. Treats, treats, and more treats.
  5. Praise your dog any time you catch him being good.
  6. Remember, he’s a dog, not a human. He’s just doing what makes him feel safe and happy.
  7. Whatever behavior you reinforce, your dog will repeat, even if that behavior is terrible.
  8. Give praise and treats immediately after good behavior. Wait much longer than a few seconds, and your dog will have forgotten what he’s getting the treat and adoration for (although he won’t complain about getting either!)
  9. Make sure your dog gets plenty of physical and mental stimulation. A bored dog and bad behavior go together.
  10. Above all else, remain positive. With patience and consistency, your dog will catch on. The BarxBuddy ultrasonic training tool can help make dog training easier. Learn more about how it works.