Halloween is the Perfect Holiday to Train, Treat, Repeat Barking Dogs

three dogs dressed as ghosts on halloween

Do Dogs Hate Halloween? How You and Your Dog Can Enjoy the Holiday

Imagine what Halloween looks like from your dog’s point of view. A seemingly endless stream of oddly attired people — mostly little ones — constantly filing past your home. Some wear masks, some dress like animals, some make strange noises. Every one of them stops and rings your doorbell and yells: “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Your dog’s job has never been more stressful.

Halloween drives dogs batty. Ringing doorbells and streams of children trick-or-treating are just the beginning. Another reason dogs hate Halloween? The costumes. About 22% of consumers plan to dress their pets up for Halloween (Statista), and dogs just aren’t having it. If you plan to dress up your pet, make sure he or she is OK with the whole thing: Watch for signs of displeasure, ranging from the subtle (tucked tail) to the obvious (gnawing or pulling at the costume). If your dog doesn’t like to be costumed — don’t do it.

Halloween is the best time to use The Barx Buddy ultrasonic training device. It will help calm your dog, and also allow you to greet and treat your trick-or-treaters. Likewise, if you are ushering kids around the neighborhood for their own adventures, the BarxBuddy can help keep you safe from other people’s dogs who might not take kindly to your strange crew.

Use The BarxBuddy to Stop Halloween Barks

The BarxBuddy is useful in two ways for your Halloween celebrations. First, you can use it in your own home when trick-or-treaters come to call. Second, you can use it when chaperone kids during beggars’ night.

Stop dog barking at the doorbell on Halloween

Remember that your dog’s job is to guard its property, which includes you and your family. It’s in a dog’s nature to protect, and the way they do this is by alerting you — by barking — when danger is near. So, the goal here is not to silence your dog, but to train them when it is OK to bark and when to stop barking on command.

Halloween is the perfect time to put your training to the test. Ideally, there would be two of you for this training: one to train the dog and one to respond to beggars.

  1. When someone rings your doorbell or knocks at the door and your dog barks, press and release the BarxBuddy device.
  2. Give the dog the “quiet” command.
  3. When they are quiet for a few seconds, reward them with praise and a healthy training treat.
  4. As soon as they start to bark or jump again, repeat the process.
  5. Repeat the trainin, treat, repeat process.
  6. As tempting as it is to yell, don’t. This will just confuse the dog. When a dog barks and you yell, the dog assumes you’re joining in on the alarm sounds.

If possible, test the train, treat, repeat process a day or two before trick or treaters. Enlist the help of a friend to repeatedly ring your doorbell and walk by. Each time they do, follow the six steps above.

Use The BarxBuddy when you trick or treat

Because The BarxBuddy is portable and small enough to tuck into a pocket, it’s the perfect safety device to take with you when you and the kids go trick or treating.

You can use the BarxBuddy if you encounter an aggressive dog on the way, be it a stray or a dog that’s loose in a neighbor’s yard. Slide the switch to position II, which is the “driving dogs” mode that adds an infrared light to the ultrasonic sound. If you encounter an aggressive dog, point the device toward the dog, and press and release the power button.

Holidays, Dogs and Loud Noises

Although Beggar’s Night and Halloween might be stressful for your dogs, there are two holidays that dogs loath more. Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve are the worst for dogs. More than 60% of dogs have abnormal fears of loud noises. Some experts say that dogs are traumatized from fireworks because of their keen sense of hearing.

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