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Where Should a Dog Sleep at Night? Is it Bad to Sleep With Your Dog?

To sleep or not to sleep with your dog — that is the question for many first-time pet parents. Although this dilemma isn’t exactly a Shakesperian drama, bed-sharing with your pets has plenty of impassioned devotees — and, naysayers. Why do dog owners in the United States have apprehension about letting their dogs sleep in

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Is Your Dog Happy? 6 Signs of Happiness in Dogs

Does your dog smile at you? Do you see the joy in your dog’s face? Pet parents often wonder if their dogs are happy and whether they can feel emotions like people do. Yes, it would be great if we could speak dog or read their minds to learn how their day is going. However,

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Alternatives to Crate Training Your Puppy to Control Barking

Decided Against Crate Training a Puppy?  You want to control your puppy’s nonstop barking, but you decided against crate training. We get it. It’s a personal choice, a matter of preference for both you and your dog. Some puppies don’t do well with crate training, while others take to it quickly. Read on for alternatives

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