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two dogs barking at the window

Best Bark Control Tools You Will Find in 2022

Spoiler alert: There is no magic wand to make dogs stop barking. Training your dog means consistent behavior exercises over multiple weeks to reward good behavior. However, there are devices that can assist you in training your dog. For example, there is a tool you can use to get their attention and interrupt their barking.

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What Dog Breeds Have the Shortest and Longest Expected Lives?

A pet dog is one of the most faithful and loving companions that you’ll ever live with. Unfortunately, a dog’s lifespan is a mere fraction of ours. Getting a dog means that you can expect unwavering affection and loyalty for years to come. Still, it’s helpful to know what to expect, in terms of how

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New Products! Water-Soluble Multivitamin + Omega Supplements for Dogs

In keeping with our commitment to developing products that keep our customers’ pets healthy and happy, we’ve developed two water-soluble supplements for dogs and cats. Why water-soluble? Because who likes wrestling with animals to get them to take medications and supplements? Not us! Introducing Water-Soluble Omega and Multivitamin Dog Supplements We are very excited to

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how to choose a vet for your dog

How to Find and Choose a Vet for Your Dog

Finding a veterinarian for your pet is one of the most important decisions to make as a pet parent. How do ensure the person you pick to care for your dog and other pets is the right one? Who better to answer that question than a veterinarian? Dr. Sara Ochoa and BarxBuddy answer, “How to

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puppy eating grass

Can Dogs Eat Grass? Why Dogs Eat Grass & What To Do About It

Most dog owners at one point, maybe several points, witness their dogs eating grass. Before panic ensues, know that the world won’t end with your pet munching on a few blades of grass. If you think about it, we humans eat stranger things. So, why does watching a dog eat grass freak out their owners?

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