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Why Does My Dog Eat Poop? (And What Do You Do About It?)

Ok, if you have a dog that’s a poop eater, you know it’s not a proud pet parent moment. Truth is, you’re not alone. Dogs eat poop. Sometimes their own and sometimes that of other animals. Witnessing your pet treat feces like it’s a delicacy can turn the toughest of stomachs, leaving you asking why

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dog waits for his gourmet food

Can I Eat My Dog’s Treats & Other Dog Food Questions

Here at BarxBuddy, we get a lot of questions about dog food, like one of our faves, “Can I eat my dog’s treats?” After receiving a few inquires about whether canine cuisine is safe for human consumption, we thought it was time to address this question and others like “What exactly is gourmet dog food?”

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four dogs celebrating a birthday

Pet and Dog Holidays 2022 Edition

We here at BarxBuddy, love celebrating our dogs every day. We’ve put together a list of pet holidays that support having doggy festivities all year long. Don’t forget to throw a bash for your pet’s birthday as well because after all, they’re only here for a short time. Make every day count! Here’s what you

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a bored dog needs mental stimulation

How to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Do you spend a crazy amount of time each day walking and playing with your dog in hopes of tiring your pet? Yet, with all your determined efforts, your dog still has enough energy to run through the house, destroying everything they get their mouth or paws on? It might be that your dog lacks

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christmas gift ideas for dogs 2021

Last-Minute Dog Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

It’s the eleventh hour, and you’re scrambling to stuff everyone’s Christmas stockings and … wait! What? We forgot the dog! Can we help? Read on for suggestions for stocking stuffers for dogs. Dog Stocking Stuffer — TOYS! A top-seller for 2021, the Busy Ball from BarxBuddy keeps your dog occupied and helps reduce separation anxiety.

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most destructive dogs? two bad dogs hide under a blankry

Most Destructive Dogs … And Why They Still Make Great Pets

Okay, we hate throwing anyone under the bus, but some dogs are so destructive that we have no choice but to call them out and expose their behavior. Maybe you’re a pet parent to one of these dogs and know all too well how frustrating it is to deal with chewed shoes, shredded couches, and

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