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Can All Dog Breeds Swim?

If you spend enough time around dogs, you’ll notice some take to water like they were born to swim, while others seem content to stay dry. Why is that? The reasons may surprise you, which we explain in this article. Not all dogs can swim naturally, for several reasons, including body composition, traumatic experiences, and

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What Dog Breeds Howl? Dog Breeds That Howl The Most

Dogs make a lot of noises to communicate their needs. They howl, whine, bark, bay, whimper, and growl. For different breeds and mixes of dogs, the sounds mean different things. We explain why dogs howl in this guide to dog sounds. What we cover in this article what dog breeds howl the most. Are some

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Which Dogs Are the Most Anxious Dog Breeds?

List of Dog Breeds Prone to Anxiety Is your dog a “Nervous Nelly?” Does she seem excessively apprehensive or uneasy around strange people or animals, loud noises, or car rides? It’s likely she suffers from anxiety, which all dogs experience every now and then. Some dog breeds tend to be more prone to high levels

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Dog Park Etiquette: Tips for Dogs and Their People

Dog parks can be one of the most fun social experiences for dogs, as they are able to play with others without leashes or constraints. It’s a perfect weekend activity to wear out your pup while also meeting some fellow dog owners. However, before going to a park, make sure both you and your dog

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National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 9 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe

‘I Lost My Dog, What Do I Do?’ July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, but it’s always the right time to learn how you can prevent your pets from becoming a statistic. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “about 710,000 pets that enter shelters as strays each

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Why is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Does your dog run about the house only to leave behind mountains of hair? All dogs shed at one time or another; even hairless breeds lose their fine hairs. Shedding is a natural process in which dead or damaged fur falls out so new hair growth can begin. While cleaning up after a heavy shedder

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How to Stop Dog Barking at Home: Indoor Bark Control That Works

Got yourself a barker do ya? Dogs that take their vocalizing to the streets (outside) is one thing. But, those dogs that cause barking mayhem inside the home are a whole other issue. Let’s face it; family members can’t think, let alone hold a conversation, while your dog says her peace. Is there a way

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