New! Wobble Ball for Dogs Reduces Separation Anxiety, Provides Hours of Fun

We’ve added a new toy to the BarxBuddy lineup: The Busy Ball, an electronic automatic “smart toy” for dogs. If you’ve got a high-energy pup, a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, or a working breed that needs constant mental stimulation, you’ll want the Busy Ball from BarxBuddy.

Best Dog Toy for Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the key reasons we wanted to add the Busy Ball to our official BarxBuddy store. As we developed the Busy Ball, we had four main requirements for this toy.

  1. Durable & Safe: This is an indestructible and durable toy ball that’s made with food-safe plastic.
  2. Smart & Automatic: Busy Ball automatically turns on when your dog is near, and it powers off when your dog stops playing.
  3. Electronic & Rechargeable: The motorized dog toy is rechargeable, so our customers don’t need to buy batteries.
  4. Wobble & Bounce: We wanted an active rolling ball for dogs that didn’t follow patterns of movement and that won’t get stuck under furniture.

Does your dog lose his mind when you leave home? That’s called separation anxiety, and it is common among dogs. Dogs are pack animals by nature. Most of them hate to be left alone. But dogs that have separation anxiety take their loneliness to a new level. A dog that barks incessantly, howls and cries, and destroys its surroundings (aka your stuff) when it’s left alone is suffering from separation anxiety.

Some breeds are prone to separation anxiety because of their breeds’ traits. For example, the breeds bred to be companion dogs or lap dogs instinctively feel the need to be near their owners. Compare that to working breeds that were bred to be more independent out on the farm and it makes sense why some breeds seem to be more prone to this type of dog anxiety.

That said, even breeds like shepherds can experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. These busy dog breeds get separation anxiety because they are working breeds that need to stay busy.

Toughest Wobble Ball For Dogs

The Busy Ball is made from tear- and wear-resistant materials that will withstand the strongest dogs’ jaws. We made the ball using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a heavy-duty material that manufacturers use for footwear, athletic equipment, automotive interiors, and flooring — all things that nervous dogs have been known to destroy! TPU is non-toxic, BPA-free and it is routinely used in medical devices; so despite its toughness, it’s safe for dog toys.

The smart “wobble” function uses randomized programming, so the ball moves in unpredictable patterns. The ball will bounce and roll in a variety of patterns, ensuring your dog never gets bored.

Motorized, Hands-Free Dog Ball

What do we mean by “hands-free dog ball”? You know how disgusting dogs’ toys can get after just a few rounds of fetch, right? The toys get slimy with saliva and it picks up stuff from the ground. On top of how gross it is, your beloved canine wants the ball thrown more. And more. And more.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a hard rubber ball for dogs that doesn’t get slimy AND provides extra excitement and challenge as it rolls and wobbles on its own?

That’s where the Busy Ball comes in. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of this smart dog toy ball is that it’s designed for the dog to entertain himself or herself. You get a break from tossing the slobber-soaked ball toy, and your dog can keep going.

Is the Busy Ball Dog Ball Worth It?

This is no run-of-the-mill dog toy. The Busy Ball is a smart device embedded with a tiny computer that senses when your dog wants to play. The patterns of wobble and bounce will make sure your dog never gets bored and it’s made from a safe material that can stand up to the strongest of dog jaws.

Busy Ball is rechargeable so you’re not pumping it full of batteries every other week. Plug it into its charger and after an hour, you’ll have up to 8 hours of playtime — without wearing out your shoulder from endless rounds of fetch.

It keeps your dog busy for hours, and it relieves you from picking up a slobber-drenched ball during infinite rounds of fetch.

Self-rolling dog ball

Best of all, the Busy Ball keeps your dog busy, which is a big deal during today’s work-from-home culture. No more interruptions during Zoom meetings with the coworkers. No more slimy balls plopped on your lap when you just. want. to. relax. The Busy Ball comes to life when your dog is near, and the smart technology invites your dog to play.

Is it worth it? Yes. It’s durable enough to outlast the strongest dogs’ jaws. It keeps your dog busy when you can’t play, and it eliminates you having to pick up and handle a slobbery dog toy. For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, the Busy Ball wobble ball for dogs provides hours of entertainment and distraction, which reduced their stress levels.

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