New Products! Water-Soluble Multivitamin + Omega Supplements for Dogs

In keeping with our commitment to developing products that keep our customers’ pets healthy and happy, we’ve developed two water-soluble supplements for dogs and cats.

Why water-soluble? Because who likes wrestling with animals to get them to take medications and supplements? Not us!

Introducing Water-Soluble Omega and Multivitamin Dog Supplements

We are very excited to announce two new and very important products to the BarxBuddy online shop: Evolved Paws Omega Supplement for Dogs and Cats and Evolved Paws Multivitamin for Dogs and Cats.

The veterinarian-approved omega supplement and multivitamin are both powder-based, which makes them easy to give to your dog. No wrestling them to swallow a capsule or mixing them in with messy pill pockets. The powder supplements can be mixed with your dog’s water or sprinkled over their food.

Friend of the BarxBuddy and Evolved Paws teams, Dr. Sarah Ochoa, our veterinarian counsel, said early spring and summer are perfect timing to release these two supplements.

About Evolved Paws Omega Blend for Dogs (and Cats)

“This is the beginning of allergy season for many dogs,” Dr. Ochoa said. “Omegas are great for your dogs’ and cats’ skin and coats.” She said omegas help decrease allergic reactions, improve joint health and help with heart health. “Omegas are a great supplement that you can give your pet each day to help treat and prevent many health issues.”

Evolved Paws omega supplement contains a great mix of omegas from natural sources, which helps keep dogs’ skin and coats healthy, and it helps decrease inflammation. The addition of vitamins A, E and zinc support dogs with thyroid issues, as well as boost immunity. Linoleic acid can help your dog’s brain function, Dr. Ochoa said.

About Bacon-Flavored Evolved Paws Multivitamin for Dogs (and Cats)

“Evolved Paws is a great multivitamin,” Dr. Ochoa said. “It contains supplements that your dog needs for many different health issues.”

Glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric are great for dogs’ joint health and decreasing overall inflammation. The ingredients in the multivitamin are also beneficial to your pets’ skin and coat health.

“This is a wonderful product that will be great for any pet of any age or size to help them stay healthy and active for a long time,” she said.

How to Supplement Dog (and Cat) Food

Dogs can be very picky in what they eat. Cats can be even pickier! The powder form of the Evolved Paws supplements makes it easy to administer, and it eliminates the drama and trauma you both experience with fighting to give medications and supplements disguised as treats.

“By having a powder supplement, you can mix these on your dog’s dry kibble, mix them in with a little wet food, or mix them in their water, so they are getting their vitamins when they are drinking water,” Dr. Ochoa said.

Each Evolved Paws supplement contains 30 servings, which is a one-month supply. Add one scoop (included) of the vitamin powder to your dog’s food or water per day.

Always consult your veterinarian if you have dietary concerns or modify your pets’ diets. These supplements are not cures for health problems, but they have been formulated to enhance your pets’ diet to ensure proper nutrition.

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