‘My Dog is Extremely Annoying’ — How to Live With a Dog That Constantly Wants Attention

You’ve got the cutest, yet most annoying dog on the planet. You know what we’re talking about. Every time you turn around, your pet is begging for attention. You can’t go an hour without playing a fetch game with a slobber-drenched tennis ball. That is a tough demand to meet, especially if you work from home.

If your dog constantly wants attention, don’t lose your cool, yell or scold your dog. You’ll confuse your dog. Instead, try preventing their boredom and providing them plenty of ways to entertain themselves.

What Can I Do When My Dog Constantly Wants Attention?

As more and more people find themselves working from home, they realize spending EVERY minute of EVERY day with their dogs can be overwhelming. We’re not talking about pets that seldom bother their owners, but those dogs that enjoy the thrill of becoming an annoyance because nothing else matters to them except your undivided attention.

You know this describes your dog when you can’t get through a Zoom meeting without your pet rubbing up against your leg then gazing into your eyes with the pitiful, “please play with me” look. Outside of making some pretty funny memes, a dog popping up into your meetings distracts all attendees. To help avoid this embarrassing situation, the best thing you can do is ensure your pet gets a daily physical and mental workout.

Exercise is a great way to calm even the most energetic of canines. If you have a meeting scheduled, take your dog for a long walk ahead of time. Chances are he’ll at least be chill for an hour afterward. What if that isn’t sufficient for your pesky pet? Mental stimulation may be the key to appeasing him for a few hours. Just like humans, dogs need daily activities for their bodies and minds to keep them happy and healthy.

The rechargeable Busy Ball from BarxBuddy keeps your dog occupied for hours.

We added two products in the BarxBuddy shop specifically for high-energy dogs (and work-at-home pet parents):

  • Busy Ball: The high-tech wobble ball for dogs is motion activated and designed to entertain your dog for hours.
  • Suction Cup Pull Toy: For dogs that love endless games of tug-of-war, this will keep them occupied when you need a break.

Is There Anything I Can Do When My Dog Annoys Me?

Do you wake up to your dog drooling over you with his favorite tennis ball half hanging out of his mouth? What should you do if your dog constantly wants to play?

Feel flattered because that means he wants to spend as much time with you as possible; after all, you are his best friend. Flattery aside, we know sometimes it’s impossible to meet the demands of a needy attention-seeking dog. While no pet parent is perfect, you mustn’t lose your cool when your dog is annoying you. Anger and frustration lead to a fearful dog that may act out with negative and destructive behaviors (aka incessant barking and chewing on all your belongings).

Instead, spend what time you can interacting with your pet. Whether it’s cuddles, a game of fetch, grooming, or some other activity, it’s up to you. For those times you aren’t able to engage with him, turn to technology — smart toys. The BarxBuddy Busy Ball is a motion-activated toy made from food-safe materials that can keep your pet entertained for hours, leaving you free to do your own thing. No more having to heed every whine, whimper, and bark from your pet when he wants your attention.

Help, My Dog Is Extremely Annoying

Certain breeds like the dalmatian, Labrador retriever, and Siberian husky, are high-energy. While these dogs make great pets, keeping up with these breeds and other active dogs can be exhausting. If you exercise your pet daily and he’s still begging for more attention you may want to try a few things to chill him out.

  • A longer walk may be all that is needed to calm your pet.
  • Make sure to exercise your pet’s mind as well with games like hide and seek.
  • An additional stroll or two throughout the day can help calm an active dog.
  • Change up your walking route.
  • Vary the pace of your walks.
  • Engage in active play every day (frisbee, fetch, and the like).

We get it! Dealing with an attention-seeking canine all day is stressful — but it can be manageable using our tips. Above all else, remember annoying dogs are still lovable dogs, and that will never change. Your dog is here for a short time, make the most of it.

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