How to Tire Out a Dog

  • How do you tire out a dog on a rainy day?
  • How do you tire out a puppy before bed? 
  • How to wear out a puppy indoors?

Walking your dog is a great way to tire out your canine companion. However, sometimes things like inclement make a walk no longer an option. Lack of routine exercise may turn a generally chill dog into a hyperactive and sometimes destructive dog due to pent-up energy. Compounded trouble can come from high-energy dogs that don’t get sufficient exercise.

What makes dogs tired? Exercise. So, before your dog goes and destroys your belongings or gets hurt from constant zoomies, there are a few ways you can exercise your dog that’ll release any built-up energy and restore calm.

How Can I Tire Out a Dog Without Walking?

Every dog, at some point, looks at you with those “let’s go for a walk” eyes. The trouble is, when the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activities, you and your disappointed pet are left locked in an uncomfortable stare-down.

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Here are ideas for wearing out a dog or puppy indoors on a rainy day or busy day, and for dog owners who live in urban areas that lack spaces to run and play.

Take the Stairs

For those pet parents with a multi-level home, running your dog up and down the stairs is great for both of you. You can leash your dog and take the stairs, or toss your pet’s favorite toys up or down as an incentive. We don’t recommend this type of exercise for small puppies, senior pets, or those with joint issues.

Play Hide and Seek

Dogs, like children, love a good game of hide and seek. Hide somewhere in the house and call out your pet’s name. Upon finding you, give your dog plenty of praise and even a treat if you wish.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Stacking pillows and moving around dining room chairs or a coffee table can create an exciting obstacle course that will train agility skills while entertaining your dog and burning off some energy.

Play Nose Games

Playing nose games can help fine-tune your dog’s sniffing skills and challenge his mind. If you’re not sure where to begin? BarxBuddy has four nose games to get you started.

Use a Food Puzzle

Intelligent dogs and fast chewers can appreciate a food puzzle. Serving your pet’s meals in an interactive feeder provides mental stimulation by teaching your dog how to solve problems to get a reward (their food) and slows dogs inhaling their meals, improving digestion.

How to Tire Out a Puppy

What do you do when you have an energetic puppy that’s too young to go outside? Most veterinarians don’t recommend that unvaccinated puppies going outside around other dogs, due to the risks of diseases like canine parvovirus. If this is your situation, you have a few options.

Join a Puppy Meet Up

If you have family or friends with fully vaccinated dogs and a fenced-in yard, let your puppy have a play date.

Seek Puppy Socialization Classes

Some puppy-friendly facilities have specific programs for unvaccinated puppies too young to go out in public safely.

Teach Your Puppy New Commands and Tricks

Teaching your pup commands and tricks is a fun way to build a bond between you two. As a bonus, focusing on the task at hand can exercise the mind and the body, leaving you with one tired pup.

Best Toys to Tire Out a Puppy or Dog

No matter your dog’s age or size, they love toys. In addition to offering a range of activities, providing your pet with chew toys or brain-stimulating motion-activated toys is an excellent way to keep your pet occupied for long periods and tire out a puppy or adult dog. However, you must ensure your pet’s safety when playing with toys by following a few guidelines:

  • Toys should be an appropriate size. Small parts can pose a choking hazard.
  • Supervise your pet’s play with squeaky toys, as the squeaker can be ingested.
  • Soft toys should be machine-washable.
  • Don’t allow your pet to turn inedible items like your shoes or socks into toys. Keep them up and out of your pet’s reach.
  • Ensure chewable toys are free of harmful materials and chemicals like PVC and BPA.

When getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air isn’t possible, you still have indoor play options that’ll help tire out your dog and give peace back to your home.

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