‘A Priceless Friendship’: How Our Dog Kept Us Company During COVID (Guest Post)

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we invited Pablo and other well-known personalities in the social media and pet-loving community to tell us how dogs help humans, especially through the tough times like social distancing and a global pandemic. Here is Pablo’s story.

During the 5 years that Gori’s been by my side, his company has been unconditional. He’s affectionate and fun to be with. Despite knowing these things, it has been through this pandemic that I realized how essential his presence is in my life.

He’s helped me manage this isolation and all of the burdens that these types of circumstances entail.

Having to stop interacting with others and having to adapt to a new way of life, to new routines, has not been easy.

This is where Gori has given my days an extraordinary touch, more so than in normal situations. Two clear examples of this are when I’m working on my art or watching TV, he immediately runs and jumps up on the sofa to be next to my side, as close as he can possibly be.

He’s kept me company every single day, except for 3 specific days, during this quarantine. It was during those days that I valued his company like never before.

Editor’s note: It’s not uncommon for dogs to swallow things they shouldn’t, like toys, wood/sticks, bones, and household items like furniture stuffing, which Pablo describes next. Smaller objects might pass through the gastrointestinal system without many problems; however, larger items can get stuck or lodged and block digestion. This can be lethal. If you know or suspect your dog has swallowed something he or she should not have, call your vet or emergency veterinarian center right away.

Gori Goes to the Hospital

Gori is quite mischievous, and by accident, he ate the stuffing of a cushion. This made him very sick because he could not digest anything. We ended up having to take him to the veterinarian. He underwent surgery and therefore had to be away until he recovered.

In his absence, the house felt empty and I missed him tremendously. Those of you who don’t have pets might be reading this and perhaps might be thinking that this is a little too much. However, a dog fills your days like you can’t imagine. We missed him greatly and value him much more after this incident where we almost lost him.

Thanks to Gori I personally have learned to enjoy the simple and small things that each day brings. He’s also taught me to enjoy myself, the way he does.

Gori, our dog, our pet, our unconditional and priceless friend is a gift to our lives.


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