Do Dogs Ever Get Tired of Barking? (“Humans are so funny,” says every dog everywhere.)

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

In the summer of 2020, a simple question turned dog-barking-meme went viral on Twitter: “Do dogs get tired of barking?”

“Unbelievable,” tweeted the poster, who shared a meme that says, “do dogs get tired of barking” followed by the obvious answer: “Dogs do not get tired of barking.”

We aren’t sure if the post was “unbelievable” because it’s true or because … don’t we all know that dogs never get tired of barking? Whatever the reason behind the post, it clearly touched a nerve. Most of us have experienced the frustration of a neighbor’s incessantly barking dog or their own dog that Will. Not. Stop. Barking.

Do dogs ever get tired of barking? Yes and no. Dogs might not ever get tired of barking, but tired dogs will stop barking.

Tired dogs are also less likely to bark, so make sure your dog gets exercise every day. How much exercise do dogs need? It depends on their age, overall health, and breed. Read more about dog exercise needs by breed types.

How Long Can Dogs Bark?

How long can a dog bark? As long as it needs. Dogs can keep up the cacophony of barking for hours.

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, all of which boil down to one thing: They have something to say, and until someone hears them, they’ll keep barking. As long as no one responds to their barking, they’ll keep it up.

Yes, of course, some dogs are more prone to barking than others — see our list of least to most barking breeds — but all dogs bark. It’s your job as the dog’s owner to understand why dogs bark and then do something about it.

Why Do Some Dogs Bark Nonstop?

If a dog is barking nonstop, it’s probably because the dog is:

  • Lonely
  • Scared
  • Protecting its territory
  • Bored
  • Cold
  • Hungry

Yelling at a dog that is barking nonstop at night is like throwing gasoline on a fire. You’re joining in the noise and reinforcing the alarm. Instead of yelling or scolding the dog, try using your anti-barking device to get the dog’s attention. Then issue a “quiet” command. When the dog is quiet, offer a treat. We go into this in more detail in our train, treat, repeat guide to dog training.

We never advocate for preventing dogs from barking, because it is natural for them to communicate that way. They need to be able to let you know when there’s a threat nearby, when they need to go outside, and when they’re hungry. Your job is to teach them voice commands so they know when to stop the barking.

The reason some dogs bark nonstop is because no one is responding to their demands. Dogs will keep barking as long as whatever triggered them is still there.

Really, How Long Can a Dog Bark Before It Gets Tired?

There is no single answer on how long a dog can bark. Really. Dogs can keep barking as long as you can toss and turn at night, trying to tune them out.

Legally, though, dog owners might have a responsibility to quiet their dogs.You might have a city ordinance that says how long a dog may bark. There are some dog laws that spell out how long a dog can bark consecutively before you should call the authorities. Check with your city, township, or county management office and ask about dog barking laws and noise ordinances. You can also do a search online for “dog barking laws” and add your city or state.

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