Christmas Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers (2020 Edition)

Well, here we are at the end of 2020, and what else could we write about but what we hope will become an annual Christmas tradition. Presenting our 2020 list of Christmas gifts for dogs. You might see some familiar items from our BarxBuddy shop — we are, after all, an online store for pet lovers. However! We’re not all about us; we’ve included gift suggestions from dog-related sites we like. 

First, let’s stuff the stockings. 

Stocking Stuffers for the Dog

No chocolate treats for the dog! Remember, chocolate can be toxic to dogs, depending on the dog’s size and how much chocolate they eat. While some experts say a little is OK, others caution against taking chances with chocolate. We say, keep the chocolate for yourself and give the dog a safe, tasty treat. 

We’ve just released our newly developed peanut butter flavored dog training treats, which are grain-free and made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce. The 8-oz. pouch fits nicely in a Christmas stocking.

Make them work for their treats with a dog chew like a Kong, or this rubber chew toy from AKC that will keep your dogs busy while the rest of you open your presents Christmas morning. Tuck a treat into the chew toy and make your dog work to free the treat.

Dog Toys for Christmas

You’ll find lots of adorable stuffed toys at your local pet shop and big-box pet supply stores, but buyer beware. Stuffed toys pose two dangers to dogs: choking and stomach obstruction. If you have a chewer who destroys but doesn’t swallow toys, you have less to worry about than a dog that chews and swallows everything. 

Talk to your vet about your dog’s chewing habits and get the best recommendations for the safest chew toys. Because there are fewer regulations around pet products than there are products for babies and children, you should scrutinize labels closely. 

Ok, enough of being preachy. Here are a few recommendations for dog toys. Up first, of course, is our own pull toy for dogs:

  • Suction cup pull toy: Take a break from unending rounds of “fetch” with the BarxBuddy pull-and-chew dog toy. The toy suctions to a hard, flat surface and will keep your pup busy and entertained.
  • Agility training equipment: Create your own obstacle course with these easy-to-set-up agility training sets for dogs (and get your kids involved in the play, too).
  • Subscription gift boxes: It’s the gift that keeps giving — the monthly subscription gift box especially for dogs. BarkBox sends a combination of treats and toys; pupjoy has a subscription box especially for chewers; and Kongbox sends a Kong-related toy with treat every month. 

Darn Cute Dog Apparel

Doggie apparel that’s seasonable and fashionable makes great Christmas presents for dogs. We like dog apparel that’s not only cute but also practical. For us, practical means it not only serves a purpose (keeps our dogs warm during chilly winter temperatures) but it’s also easy to wash and wear.

We’ve been digging the dog leadscollars and bandana sets on Shinbone Alley’s website. We also are fans of their puffer jacket vests for dogs. These dog products are handmade and washable.

Doggie-apparel site PoshPuppyBoutique has a broad selection of coats, hoodies, T-shirts and dog apparel that is to-die-for cute.

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

From our own collection of dog-related products …

  • Grooming kit for dogs: This comes in a sturdy gift box that you can reuse to store your grooming supplies. Included in the three-piece set is a deshedding comb, a silicone washing brush that holds doggie shampoo, and a set of nail clippers with a guard.
  • Travel dog bowl: This silicone bowl rolls up and tucks easily in a backpack or tote for a day on the trail, at the beach, or on a hike. Take it with you on an airplane or on the road.
  • Dog-training tool: If someone on your shopping list recently acquired a dog and is in the process of training them and breaking bad habits, introduce them to ultrasonic training (heck, get one for everyone in the family!). 

You know what the best part of shopping for Christmas gifts for dogs is? Of all the “people” on your shopping list, our pets are the easiest to please, and no matter what you do, they’ll reward you with wags and kisses. Happy holidays, happy new year, and stay safe!

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