What Are The Best Midsize Dog Breeds for Families and Children?

What Are Some Child Friendly Dog Breeds?

While small or teacup dog breeds get a world of attention, and big dog breeds are hard to miss, medium breeds can’t be overlooked. Medium-size dogs tend to weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

If you are a family with children, and you’re looking for the best medium-size dog breeds for your home, this list is a compilation from several expert sources. Keep in mind that the list below applies to pure dog breeds; mixed breeds will tend to inherit the traits from their parents, so do your homework. 

As with any list of “best” dog breeds, keep in mind that traits tend to follow breeds, but every dog has its own personality — just like you. So, while dogs inherit traits from their ancestors, they also learn behaviors from previous owners, other dogs and their surroundings. 

What Are the Best Medium-Size Dog Breeds for Families? 

If you’re looking for child-friendly dog breeds, factors to consider include your children’s ages, the size of your living space, and your lifestyle. If you’ve got a large yard and live in a moderate climate, you might look for a dog with high energy, like a shepherd. On the other hand, if you live in a small space, a more sedentary “lazy” dog like a basset hound might suit your lifestyle.

Although some dogs do fine with younger children, there are those like the Akita, Chihuahua, and Siberian husky that are better with older children. 

The following breeds tend to make great family companions. Here are the top 15 family dog breeds:

Whether you’re looking for a family dog, one that can handle apartment living, or won’t cause you to sneeze all day, these medium-sized dogs prove that the best family pet comes from the middle!

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