Best Bark Control Tools You Will Find in 2022

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Spoiler alert: There is no magic wand to make dogs stop barking. Training your dog means consistent behavior exercises over multiple weeks to reward good behavior. However, there are devices that can assist you in training your dog. For example, there is a tool you can use to get their attention and interrupt their barking. This post covers the best bark control tools you can find in the 2020s and how you may use them.

How to Control a Barking Dog

The most difficult hurdle to overcome when your dog is barking is understanding why dogs bark.

The next hurdle is getting their attention. A barking dog has likely detected some sort of outside stimulus that they’re entirely distracted by. Therefore, you’ll want to do something that will get their attention, so you can administer a command. A noisemaker that’s loud and annoying, like a metal can with some coins in it, will immediately get your dog’s attention. Then, you can command your dog to be quiet and give them a treat if they calm down.

However, noisemakers can be ineffective on some dogs as they contribute to the barking noise. Also, you’ll find them annoying. Likewise, yelling will likely confuse and exasperate your dog even further; worse yet, some dogs assume you’re joining them when you yell!

It can be useful to implement an ultrasonic noisemaker or bark collar to ensure you can grab your dog’s attention.

Best Dog Anti Barking Collar

The best anti-barking dog collars are the ones that get your dog’s attention without hurting your dog. This means a no-shock collar that alerts your dog with a vibration, noise or an ultra sonic noise. It’s best to consult a veterinarian before purchasing such a collar, as your breed may not be suited toward the collar you’re looking for. Smaller dog breeds, for example, may struggle with certain types of more intensive dog collars.

We also wouldn’t recommend a bark sensor or collar that automatically activates from sound. Not only could this activate when other loud noises are nearby, providing a “false positive” that will only scare and confuse your dog, but all dog behavior correction should be accompanied by positive reinforcement when they’re behaving well.

Plus — and this is important — you don’t want your dog to associate barking with punishment. Dogs bark to communicate. Your job is to teach them when to bark and then stop when you give the stop-barking command.

If your dog stops barking after being alerted to their behavior, you should be nearby to reward them. An automated collar would be unable to dispense any reward and will only agitate your dog.

Best Bark Silencer

An ultrasonic noisemaker will immediately grab your dog’s attention without a noise that will annoy you or other people living in your house. Again, the best ultrasonic noisemakers are the ones you need to manually activate to augment your dog’s training. You cannot automate good behavior for your dog – there is no push-button barking silencer.

Do ultrasonic bark controllers work?

Yes, ultrasonic dog controllers grab your dog’s attention more effectively than yelling, while not being as annoying to humans as conventional noisemakers. Once you have your dog’s attention, you can administer a command and a reward if the bad behavior stops.

Is ultrasonic sound safe for dogs?

Yes, while humans cannot hear the high-frequency noise, dogs will quickly be alerted to the source of the strange disturbance.

Best Anti Bark Device Indoor

Automated indoor bark control devices get a lot of attention for their claim to correct dog barking with minimal effort from the owners. The idea is that you can activate the device, and it will automatically make a hypersonic noise when it detects a loud noise in the vicinity. The issue with this is that your dog will only become agitated and confused when they’re punished for barking without any idea of what the correct behavior is.

Devices that require manual use come out on top, as you can ensure your dog is being trained correctly. While it’s more work than an automated device claims to be, dog ownership is an active responsibility, and you’ll notice far better results after a couple of weeks of training. Your dog will learn the correct behavior when it senses outside stimulation and reduce barking even when you’re not home.

Learn more about indoor bark control that works.

Best Way to Control Nuisance Dog Barking Outdoors

Ultrasonic devices work well within their performance range of 50 feet, whether indoors or outdoors. Any greater distance, you’ll need to rely on verbal commands.

The best way to do control outdoor barking is to figure out why your dog is barking. For example, they may be trying to alert you to something nearby. If this is the case, thank them for the barking and give them a treat when the barking stops.

If it’s someone else’s barking dog, we have tips on what to do in a related post about dogs barking in the neighborhood.

The best outdoor bark deterrent is the ultrasonic training device, which interrupts their nuisance barking, so you can give them the “quiet” command, and then reward their obedience.

Other tactics include redirecting their barking to something else, which they associate with rewards. For example, if you’ve trained your dog to roll over or sit and stay, you can administer these commands that they associate with good behavior.

Excessive barking can also be the result of unspent energy that your dog has built up throughout the day. Make sure you’re giving your dog the required amount of exercise and stimulation that the breed requires. If you’ve associated a command with your indoor ultrasonic training, this command may still work when you and your dog are outdoors.

If all else fails, you can contact a dog trainer to explore other dog barking solutions.

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