Which Dogs Are the Most Anxious Dog Breeds?

List of Dog Breeds Prone to Anxiety  Is your dog a "Nervous Nelly?" Does she seem excessively apprehensive or uneasy around strange people or animals, loud noises, or car rides? It's likely she suffers from anxiety, which all dogs experience every now and then.  Some dog breeds tend to be more prone to high levels of anxiety, as well as to separation anxiety, which is a common behavioral problem among dogs, especially newly adopted dogs,...Read more

Dog Park Etiquette: Tips for Dogs and Their People

Dog parks can be one of the most fun social experiences for dogs, as they are able to play with others without leashes or constraints. It’s a perfect weekend activity to wear out your pup while also meeting some fellow dog owners. However, before going to a park, make sure both you and your dog are prepared. In this guide, we’ll be going over basic dog park etiquette, as well as dog park tips for...Read more

National Lost Pet Prevention Month: 9 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe

'I Lost My Dog, What Do I Do?' July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, but it's always the right time to learn how you can prevent your pets from becoming a statistic. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), "about 710,000 pets that enter shelters as strays each year are returned to their owners; of those, 620,000 are dogs and 90,000 are cats". In an effort to stop...Read more

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Does your dog run about the house only to leave behind mountains of hair? All dogs shed at one time or another; even hairless breeds lose their fine hairs. Shedding is a natural process in which dead or damaged fur falls out so new hair growth can begin. While cleaning up after a heavy shedder can be pretty frustrating, you can't completely prevent your dog from shedding. With that said, there are a few things...Read more

Best Charities for Animals and Other Ways to Give Back to Pets

Our List of Pet Charities and Other Non-Monetary Ways You Can Help Animals As pet parents and animal lovers, our team here at BarxBuddy is always looking for ways to give back. You, too, can make a HUGE difference in the lives of animals in your community and across the globe, not only by making donations but by doing the right thing when it comes to caring for animals. In this post, we list charities...Read more

How to Stop Dog Barking at Home: Indoor Bark Control That Works

Got yourself a barker do ya? Dogs that take their vocalizing to the streets (outside) is one thing. But, those dogs that cause barking mayhem inside the home are a whole other issue. Let's face it; family members can't think, let alone hold a conversation, while your dog says her peace. Is there a way to stop a dog barking indoors and restore calm? Yes, however, you can't expect a miracle overnight; indoor bark control...Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Crossbreed, Mixed, and Pedigree Dog?

Welp, we are guessing that you're on this page either because you're looking for a dog and trying to understand the various breeds, mixes, and crosses ... or you're having a drink with friends and looking to settle a bet. Either way, we can answer your questions: What is the difference between crossbreed dogs, mixed breed dogs and pedigrees? How do you define purebred dogs? What's the difference between pedigree and purebred dogs? If you...Read more

How to Train a Dog Not to Bark (Or to Stop Barking on Command)

While most dogs vocalize for a good reason, some seem to bark nonstop 24/7. As pet parents ourselves, we here at BarxBuddy get it: A dog that constantly barks can be a frustrating situation to deal with. Can you train a dog not to bark? We suppose you could, but why would you want to silence your best friend? Imagine never being able to speak your mind when you want or need to! Exactly. For...Read more

How to Foster a Dog: New to Pet Fostering 101

New to fostering dogs or considering opening your home to foster dogs? Congratulations and kudos to you! If you are new to pet fostering, we have some tips on how to foster a dog until you or the rescue organization finds its forever home.Welcoming a shelter dog into your home and providing temporary care is a true labor of love. There are several reasons to become a foster parent to dogs and cats in your...Read more

Can You Use a Bark Collar on a Puppy? Better Ways to Stop Nuisance Barking in Young Dogs

As puppies, dogs learn that their barks send messages to you, other dogs and animals, and sometimes to inanimate objects. While the reasons behind a bark can vary, the most common include excitement, frustration, anxiety, and boredom. Listening to your pet vocalize its needs is one thing, but enduring incessant barking is another. You may be quick to get an anti-bark collar for your new puppy, hoping it'll help; however, addressing this problematic behavior in...Read more

What’s the Deal With Dogs Hating on Mailmen? How to Stop Dogs from Attacking Postal Workers

Does your dog go postal whenever the mailman arrives? Your dog jumps up and down, barks at the window like a crazed canine, all the while keeping a keen eye on the approaching postman. Why, why, why? What IS the deal with dogs and mailmen?  Why Do Dogs Hate the Mailman? It's not just the mailmen that bring out the worst in dogs; it could be the UPS and FedEx drivers or any other delivery person...Read more

Dogs at Work — The Benefits and Challenges of Bringing Your Dog to the Office

In celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 25, we want to take a closer look at dogs in the office, not just one day a year, but year-round. As pet parents, we love the idea of having our dogs beside us at work; however, the scenario raises plenty of questions. Are there benefits of dogs in the workplace? What kind of rules should be in place for dog-friendly offices? Do certain...Read more

Dog Dehydration: Signs, Symptoms, Preventions, and Treatments

Summertime means outdoor fun! However, the warmer months can quickly take a toll on humans and animals. Depending on many factors like temperatures, humidity, your attire, and health, it could be mere minutes before you're sweating puddles. As humans, we know the importance of dressing appropriately for the outdoors, seeking shade when necessary, and staying hydrated. On the other hand, our pets rely on us to ensure they stay cool and hydrated when outside. Because...Read more

‘My Dog is Extremely Annoying’ — How to Live With a Dog That Constantly Wants Attention

You've got the cutest, yet most annoying dog on the planet. You know what we're talking about. Every time you turn around, your pet is begging for attention. You can't go an hour without playing a fetch game with a slobber-drenched tennis ball. That is a tough demand to meet, especially if you work from home. If your dog constantly wants attention, don't lose your cool, yell or scold your dog. You'll confuse your dog....Read more

Dog, Meet Cat! Introducing a New Dog to Your Home (and Existing Pets)

Yes, dogs tend to be social creatures and enjoy being around fellow canines. But they’re also territorial and some breeds are very protective. The reality is, introducing a new dog into your home with existing pets, whether cats or dogs, can be stressful for all involved, including animals.  You set the tone for how well your animals adapt to each other. Get stressed out, and you’ll pass that on to your pets. Take a few...Read more

Camping With Dogs? What To Do About Dogs Barking at Campgrounds

All dogs react to one thing or another. Your dog may go crazy when a stranger walks by the window, whereas your neighbor's dog barks only when someone rings the doorbell. Regardless of the trigger, taking your dog camping may heighten his senses and have him unleash a barkfest you haven't heard before. Even the most chill of dogs may react to things going on around a campground. Don't let the fear of your dog...Read more

Moving With a Dog? How to Settle a Dog Into Your New House

Is moving stressful for dogs? If moving to a new home is one of the most stressful life events for humans, think about how it feels for a dog, who has no idea what's going on! Read on for tips for moving with a dog -- before, during and after you relocate. Does Moving Stress Out Dogs? Yeah, it does, especially if it stresses you out. So, a dog freaking out in a new home...Read more

Why Does My Dog … 8 Interesting Questions People Ask Google About Dogs

Y'ever look at what Google suggests when you ask a question about a dog? We do! Here are eight of the most "interesting" suggestions, along with our best answers to dog questions. Related: Why Is My Dog Barking at Me? 7 Reasons Dogs Bark Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? While in utero, all mammals, including humans and dogs, are attached to their mothers' placentas by an umbilical cord. After birth, the umbilical is no longer...Read more

New! Wobble Ball for Dogs Reduces Separation Anxiety, Provides Hours of Fun

We've added a new toy to the BarxBuddy lineup: The Busy Ball, an electronic automatic “smart toy” for dogs. If you’ve got a high-energy pup, a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, or a working breed that needs constant mental stimulation, you’ll want the Busy Ball from BarxBuddy.    Best Dog Toy for Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety is one of the key reasons we wanted to add the Busy Ball to our official BarxBuddy store. As...Read more

Do Dogs Bark At A Full Moon? (Fact or Fiction)

The earth's moon has been the catalyst for boundless myths and theories, including the one that says a full moon influences the physical and mental well-being of people and animals. Centuries-old stories hold that a full moon can cause even the sanest to lose their minds, while others claim a full moon drives wolves to howl endlessly. Research, however, indicates both are fiction. But, wait, what's that you say about dogs? You swear your pet...Read more