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BarxBuddy Welcomes Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa to the Team (News Release)

For information, contact (213) 337-8656 Mesa, Arizona, Sept. 15, 2021: Innovative pet product maker BarxBuddy is excited to announce that Sara Ochoa D.V.M. has joined the team as the company’s official veterinarian. “We are very excited to have Dr. Ochoa join the team,” said Doug Johnson, co-founder of BarxBuddy. “After more than a year

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Can Dogs Eat Bones? Is It Safe to Feed Dogs Bones?

“Give a dog a bone.” “I’m like a dog with a bone.” “Throwing a bone to a dog.” Dogs and bones are so commonly linked with each other that we probably don’t realize that bones, in truth, might not be so great for dogs! Make no bones about it: Feeding your dog a bone can

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Can I Give My Dog Human Vitamins?

Is it safe to give human vitamins to dogs? The short answer is: “Ask your veterinarian.” There are a few things you should know about dogs and vitamins, though, which will help you ask your vet the right questions.* Why Would A Dog Need A Vitamin Supplement Anyway? Dogs, like humans, need essential vitamins and

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15 Dog Nutrition Tips (Number 14 Might Surprise You)

Strolling down the pet food aisle at your grocery store or big-box pet supply store can overwhelm pet owners. So many brands and varieties to choose from. How do you know what to feed your dog? Should your dog eat dry food, wet food or people food? How much do dogs need to eat? Are

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Can All Dog Breeds Swim?

If you spend enough time around dogs, you’ll notice some take to water like they were born to swim, while others seem content to stay dry. Why is that? The reasons may surprise you, which we explain in this article. Not all dogs can swim naturally, for several reasons, including body composition, traumatic experiences, and

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What Dog Breeds Howl? Dog Breeds That Howl The Most

Dogs make a lot of noises to communicate their needs. They howl, whine, bark, bay, whimper, and growl. For different breeds and mixes of dogs, the sounds mean different things. We explain why dogs howl in this guide to dog sounds. What we cover in this article what dog breeds howl the most. Are some

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Which Dogs Are the Most Anxious Dog Breeds?

List of Dog Breeds Prone to Anxiety Is your dog a “Nervous Nelly?” Does she seem excessively apprehensive or uneasy around strange people or animals, loud noises, or car rides? It’s likely she suffers from anxiety, which all dogs experience every now and then. Some dog breeds tend to be more prone to high levels

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