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This SIMPLE Device Helped Me Train My Dog to Stop Jumping on People

Mary Torres | Monday, October 18 2021

I have always been a cat person, but when I saw Bella at a local pet adoption event, it was love at first sight. We went into the pet store to buy cat food and litter, and the next thing we knew, we were filling out paperwork to adopt an adorable Chihuahua-pug mix.

Shortly after we brought Bella home, we realized we were in over our heads — and our cat wasn’t too happy either. Bella was less than a year old and full of energy. She would jump up on visitors, bark incessantly at everything and chase the cat. She drove all of us crazy.

I called the adoption shelter and they suggested I hire a trainer. They gave me the name and phone number of a local woman who works with shelter dogs.

Then I saw something about this device called The BarxBuddy on my newsfeed that said something about training even the most stubborn dogs to stop jumping and barking. It was way cheaper than hiring a trainer, so I thought it was worth trying. I ordered one and read up on how it works.

Time to Jump-Test the BarxBuddy

I enlisted my dad to help. He was the perfect person to help me test The BarxBuddy because he takes blood thinners, and we worry about the dog jumping up and scratching him. I had my dad knock at the door and as soon as Bella started going ballistic, I pressed the BarxBuddy button.

I couldn’t believe what happened next.

Bella stopped her frantic behavior and looked around. I said, “Quiet,” and she looked at me. When she started to bark again, I pressed the button and repeated the “quiet” command. The third time — this time before she started to bark — she looked at me. I gave her the “quiet” command and she listened. I gave her a treat and told her she was a good dog.

Then, I let my dad in, and as soon as Bella started jumping, I pressed The BarxBuddy button. She stopped jumping and looked at me. I told her to sit and stay, and each time she started to jump I repeated the process. This one took a few repetitions for both of us to get it right. 

I had my dad give her a treat, so she’d know he was friendly and wouldn’t associate the sound from the ultrasonic trainer with just him — we wanted her to know it’s about the jumping, not about the person!

BarxBuddy Is Not Just for Jumping Dogs

We’ve successfully used the BarxBuddy with Bella to get her to stop barking on command, but we also found that it works on pretty much anything she does that we don’t want her to do.

We have used The BarxBuddy to train Bella when it’s OK to bark and when to be quiet. When someone knocks on the door or walks onto our property, we let her bark for a few seconds. It is, after all, her job to “guard” our property, and barking is how she communicates on the job!

Once her job is done, we press The BarxBuddy and tell her “quiet.” When she listens and stays quiet, she gets a reward (usually it’s a tasty treat).

The cool thing about The BarxBuddy is that it doesn’t hurt Bella. It does just what it says it will do: It gets the dog’s attention so you can train and reward the dog.

We quickly realized the BarxBuddy is a safe and effective training tool to stop bad dog behaviors including:

  • Digging holes in the yard or at the park
  • Inappropriate elimination (if caught in the act)
  • Begging for food at the table
  • Chasing other people’s dogs or other animals
  • Jumping on guests
  • Running away off leash

Lots of Dog Owners Are Using BarxBuddy

The BarxBuddy is safe and effective for training dogs. It works on most all dogs, including:

  • Large breeds like Great Danes, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers
  • Hunting breeds like coonhounds and basset hounds
  • “Yappy” breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies and poodles
  • Breeds with aggressive reputations like Siberian huskies, rottweilers and pitbulls
  • It can even works on cats

This Device Helps Stop Chewing, Begging, Digging and Jumping

We’ve also used it to stop Bella from begging (we don’t feed her people food) when we eat. As much as we want her to feel part of the family, we don’t want her begging for food from the table!

Bella isn’t much of a chewer, thank goodness, but when my neighbor was complaining about her Lab mix chewing on shoes, clothes, and even carpet, I told her about The BarxBuddy. I let her borrow mine for a day, and when she returned it she told me she ordered two! She keeps one in her car to help calm Paisley down when she takes him to the park, and she keeps the other one in her house for other stuff. Paisley is a digger and jumper too, so I’m pleased to report that my neighbor has had much success with the device! 

It’s so nice to walk into her house and not have to do the two-step to get her huge Lab to stop jumping on me.

Time To Chase The Cat

Anyone with a dog that has a high prey drive knows how hard it is to get a dog to listen once they’ve started chasing another animal. We thought maybe Bella’s pug ancestry would make her less likely to chase the cat. Pugs tend to have a reputation for being a breed with a “low prey drive,” but Chihuahuas are known chasers. It’s less about hunting, though, and more about protection, we have learned. 

We Helped Thousands of Happy Pet Owners with Our Simple Device

BarxBuddy Has Developed a Strong and Passionate Fan Base. See What Some of Them Are Saying:

The Science Behind Ultrasonic Technology

The BarxBuddy is safe and effective to use on dogs. The ultrasonic sound is about 30,000 Herz, which is not audible to most human’s ears. We can hear sounds only up to about 23,000 Hz.

The ultrasonic sound does not hurt dogs. Make sure you use it as directed — press and release the button to emit the sound. It has a light, which lets you know that it is working.

Simply click on “check availability” and if in stock in less than a week, it will be in your hand changing the lives of you and your pup!


October 25, 2021 – Since launching last year, the BarxBuddy is so popular that it has sold over 275,000 units to pet owners in America. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their unreal discount of 50% off. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!) Click the green button to see if they are still available in stock
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