Types of Dog Muzzles, Safety & Alternatives

Posted on June 22, 2021 by Tammara Koploski

Consult with your vet about a muzzle and which might be appropriate type. Muzzles must be well-fitting and permit your dog to pant easily, take treats, and drink water.

  • Basket muzzles: Typically made from plastic, wire, or leather, this style allows your dog to open and close its mouth, drink water and pant.
  • Mesh muzzles: Made from strong breathable mesh, this mask-like muzzle is soft and allows a dog to pant but not drink or eat.
  • Strap muzzle: Usually made of nylon and secured by Velcro, this belt-like muzzle does not allow a dog to bark, pant, drink or eat.

An ultrasonic training device interrupts a dog’s barking, so you can issue a correction to train your dog to stop barking on command.

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Alternatives to Dog Muzzles

To train or stop a barking dog, you need to train the dog, not muzzle them. Get to the source of the barking. Muzzling a dog to stop them from barking is inhumane and traumatic. You will find humane and effective ways to train your dog so it learns when it is OK to bark and when it needs to be quiet. We recommend our Train*Treat*Repeat approach to training dogs. Many times when dog owners resort to muzzles to silence barking dogs, we find that the problem is with the human, not the canine. To train a dog to learn the difference between good and bad behaviors, the keys are consistency, patience, repetition and combining all of that with the right dog training tools. That said, we are not 100% anti-muzzle. We are pro-proper use of a muzzle. We recommend using muzzles:
  • To stop dogs that nip or bite
  • To temporarily calm an aggressive dog, provided you use it with behavior modification
  • If the muzzle properly fits and allows the dog to drink water, pant, and eat (more on this below)

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Train Your Dog to Stop Barking at Neighbors, Using Train*Treat*Repeat


Teach your dog to stop barking when you say a command word or phrase such as “Quiet.” We don’t recommend the word “stop,” because if you use that word too much — stop scratching, stop begging, stop chewing, stop jumping — it confuses the dog. “Quiet” means stop barking.

Are Dog Muzzles Safe?

A muzzle can protect your dog, other canines, or people when you use it correctly. However, they come with some warnings:
  • Muzzles are designed and intended for short periods. Depending on the outdoor temperature and your dog’s activity level, that might be as short as 15 minutes, but no more than an hour. Check with your vet.
  • An ill-fitting muzzle can induce chafing, overheating, or cause your dog to develop a negative association with the device.
  • You must monitor your dog’s breathing any time he is muzzled. Any sign of distress, remove the muzzle.
  • A dog should drink .5 to 1 ounce of water per day per pound of body weight; the muzzle should not get in the way of your dog’s ability to drink water.
“The BarxBuddy has been a life-saver and sanity restorer! We hated muzzling our 2-year-old Lab, but we couldn’t risk him nipping at people. The BarxBuddy changed all that. Now we give The BarxBuddy to all our friends who adopt new dogs!” — The Flynns, Fayetville, N.C.

What is the Best Way to Humanely Train a Dog to Stop Barking?

The train, treat, repeat method is best for training dogs to stop barking, as well as to stop all sorts of annoying behaviors.
It works like this: The dog does something you don’t want him or her to do. You press the button and they stop because you’ve distracted them. Before they can resume barking, you give a voice command: “Quiet!” You wait for her to be quiet and reward her with a treat. Repeat. Consistency is important.

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