This Simple Device Stops Annoying Dog Barking in Seconds!
David Smith | Friday, June 28, 2019

Is dog barking driving you crazy? Now it doesn't have to. A new ultrasonic device is saving thousands of dog owners/parents and returning their dogs to the well behaved best friend they remember.

I can't believe how out of control my dog, Turner, has gotten recently. He is just the cutest thing I've ever seen, a beautiful Yellow Lab. But his barking has become a real problem.

I work from home, so he has a lot of attention and exercise. I could understand if he was stuck in a cage for 10 hours every day. But recently, no matter how much attention he gets, as soon as I'm not focused on him - BOOM - he goes crazy and will not stop barking.

It's terrible and doesn't stop, endless barking until he tires himself out. If he sees a neighbor or jogger out the window, he lights up again. Then the dog next door chimes in, and Turner goes off again, even louder and longer.

There seemed to be no end and no solution. I tried everything. Punishments like cage or spraying him with water. Rewards like treats and extra attention if he stopped. Taking him to obedience school for training. But none of it worked.

My life was spiraling out of control. The barking problem was affecting my job performance. Turner was waking our baby from naps. It was making us all cranky and miserable.

I nearly gave him away to another home in my desperation. But let's be serious, it's not that easy to let a family member go. I couldn't do it. I figured I was stuck with the barking, hoping he would grow out of it or stop on his own.

After many more months of torture, something changed my life. We were at the vet and Turner got into one of his barking moods. Just playful and good natured, but constant and so loud. It was distracting and embarassing.

That's when my vet pulled a device out of a drawer and pressed a button. I couldn't believe what I saw. What I heard. What I did NOT hear! The barking stopped immediately. Turner was a bit confused, but he sat in the room quietly.

The vet was smiling when I asked what had happened. I get the sense that I was not the first person in his clinic suffering from a bad barking problem. He told me he had found the BarxBuddy and it was the most effective dog training tool he had seen.

The BarxBuddy was amazing, I needed to know more, so when I got home I searched for more information.

It turns out BarxBuddy has developed a device that allows you to train your dog using high pitch frequencies. You know, the sounds our dogs can hear but humans can't. Like a pet whistle from back in the day, but more refined and useful.

When your dog does something you don't like, you make sure he can see you and use BarxBuddy. The behavior will stop immediately.

I was concerned about his health and wellness. But BarxBuddy is totally non-violent, not harmful at all to dogs. The noise is not overbearing and will not cause them to get hurt or go crazy.

It just catches their attention, making them focus on the noise and allowing you to correct their behavior. It works on barking problems, digging in the yard, jumping on people, destroying your shoes and sofa, or anything these crazy dogs do.

After you have stopped the unwanted behavior, just turn off your BarxBuddy and give your dog positive reinforcement, like a scratch or "good boy" or a treat.

If your dog is stubborn, the flashing LED light will help catch their attention. Some dogs respond to visual training better, and the LED will ensure the BarxBuddy is successful for those types of dogs. And the light can double as a flashlight on those night walks, which is always helpful.

BarxBuddy is not just for your dog.

It can be used to keep unfriendly dogs away from you, your dog, and your home. Imagine another way to avoid aggressive and unfriendly dogs or save your arms from those tug-o-war battles when your dog and another are straining to get to each other.

I remember a walk in my neighborhood a few years ago when I ran into a woman with two Pitbulls. As I passed, we stopped and chatted. I wanted to pet the dogs and started to put my hand out for them to sniff me. I usually trust dogs and want them to be comfortable. She quickly warned me not to do that as they might bite. I was shocked. Thinking back it sure would be nice to have BarxBuddy in that situation, as you can never be too safe. It's worth it to think about your protection.

Thousands and thousands of happy pet owners are relying on the BarxBuddy.

The word is out and BarxBuddy has become one of the hottest new products for dog owners. It is effective and safe. It works on almost all breeds - including:

  • Big dogs like German Shepards, Labradors, and Huskies.
  • Small dogs like Yorkies and Spaniels.
  • Active dogs like Beagles, Boxers.
  • More aggressive breeds like Rottweilers, Pinschers, and Pitbulls.
  • Milder breeds like Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Daschunds.
  • It even works on most cats.
But is it really worth all the hype?

This device has been selling out regularly since it's debut. It really is that popular. The amazing reviews and sharing by word of mouth or social media are selling it out, since it hasn't even been advertised yet.

BarxBuddy has developed a strong and passionate fan base. See what some of them are saying:

“Thank you BarxBuddy, you have changed our lives. We have a Yorkie that is quite defensive of his territory. He is always barking at people, when they knock on the door, leave, walk by the front of our house. But now he is the perfect dog, just what we always wanted. Everyone who visits comment on how calm and well behaved he is. That’s a big turnaround from the horrible barking dog he used to be. Our thanks for making such a great dog trainer!!”

- Emilia Galloway

“My 2 year old Golden Retriever is loud and so so stubborn. I tried this device to stop the barking at cars and other dogs out the windows. She also loves to chase squirrels, cars, and other animals when we go for walks. I am amazed, this thing produces results. Her barking and chasing stopped almost immediately, and I was sure to say calm and reward her. Now she responds so well to that word alone. I can’t recommend this enough if you have problems like I did.”

- Trey Hendricks

“Barx Buddy is a godsend! My dog was howling so bad I could talk to anyone when I was walking him. After using this, the behavior changed pretty quickly and now he responds just when he sees me pull it out of my pocket. It has totally stopped his howling and a few other bad things he tries from time to time.”

- Avery Ross

“I have always been afraid of dogs, especially big dogs. A neighbor has a big brown and black dog and I was scared to walk by their house thinking he would bite me. And that dog barked nonstop at me. But now all I have to do is grab my device, point it, and press the button - he shuts right up. Anyone scared of dogs needs one of these, I feel so much safer and in control!”

- Maria Tellez

There is real science behind the technology of this product.

Dogs can hear sounds between 67 and 45,000 Hertz or more. Humans can only hear up to about 23,000 Hertz. Noises in the upper range of a dog's hearing, well above what a human can detect, will cause irritation or discomfort.

The BarxBuddy produces sound at 30,000 Hertz and up, making it noiseless for humans, while discomfortable to dogs. Keep in mind it is not painful, but does catch their attention.

Not satisfied with my own knowledge, I wanted to get a professional's opinion on BarxBuddy. I talked to a local Professional Pet Trainer, Thomas Pearson. Here is his feedback:

“I have been training dogs for over 20 years. BarxBuddy is the most effective and impressive product I have ever used, and I have tried almost everything. It is becoming one if the most highly recommended and easy to use products in the industry. It is effective and does not cause any paid for our beloved pets.”

- Thomas Pearson, Professional Dog Trainer
If a professional was impressed, I was finally sold. I needed this product for Turner.

I ordered one from the website (it is only sold online) and they shipped it quickly. In less than a week, it was in my hand and changing our lives.

The first time a jogger went past our house, Turner was barking up a storm. I got in front of him and pressed the button. Those sound waves got his attention right away. He is a bit stubborn, if you hadn't gotten that from all the stories. Using the LED light for a secondary visual instruction, I was quickly able to quiet him down and get him away from the front windows.

And he didn't start back up or continue for a half hour. Making sure to give him positive reinforcement, a good scratch behind the ears and a treat really seemed to work. I was shocked at how effective BarxBuddy had been.

It only got better, as Turner learned and his excessive barking went away. I even kept a journal to really understand the process:

3 Month Timeline of My Experience with BarxBuddy

Day 1: Turner stops barking every time I use the device. Finally able to focus on work.

Day 3: Have been using BarxBuddy to stop him from chewing on shoes. It's working!

Day 10: He really loves digging in one spot on the fence, right near my favorite flower bed. No more, able to get him to stop.

Day 18: Really noticed a change in how often Turner gets into a barking fit. This really has changed our lives.

Day 27: We were at the park and Turner started barking at several other dogs. I wasn't even near him, but was able to get him to stop easily.

Month 2 & 3: Turner has really calmed down. He rarely barks any more, other than a little yip to get our attention. If he does get excessive, I pull out BarxBuddy and he stops without even pressing the button.

How much does this device cost?

I was really concerned it would cost a lot for something so effective. And I was desperate, so I might have spent a small fortune to solve my problems. But BarxBuddy sells for just $40, which is 50% off retail price. It is completely worth it.

I can focus on work and productivity due to BarxBuddy has easily paid for itself. My young child is napping peacefully (or at least not waken up by the dog) and our whole family is much more relaxed and happy. I can't imagine what life would have been like if I hadn't found BarxBuddy.

If you are like millions of dog owners across the country and around the globe, you could definitely use some help training your dog. And it helps keep you and your dog safe from aggressive dogs wherever you go.

BarxBuddy offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it with nothing to lose. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.

Get yours now and learn how amazing life is with a well disciplined dog.

UPDATE Monday, July 08, 2019 - Since launching earlier this year, the BarxBuddy is so popular that it has sold over 62,500 units to pet owners in America. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their unreal discount of 50% off. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)

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Jamie newbury · Birmingham, Alabama
most days i go for a walk and carry a stick. never know if a stray dog is around. now i carry this small device to protect from dogs. it totally works. just press the button, the dog will run off. can’t believe how easy it is to carry and use. much better than a heavy stick. love it !!!
· Reply · 92 · 27th October 2020 7:37 AM
Charmaine Davis · Oxnard, California
Works awesome keeping my dogs from barking out the front window or outside and try to bark through the fence. Telling them to stop or lie down didn’t do any good. Didn’t take long before I didn't have to push the button anymore. They stop barking as soon as I pull it out. They are barking a lot less too, not just when they see people outside, and we haven't been using it for that long. Able to use it through block wall and wooden fences for other nuisance dogs. Too bad their owners don’t do something to stop the problem.
· Reply · 37 · 26th October 2020 7:14 PM
Howard Schindler · Claxton, Georgia
Family road trips were a nightmare with our dog would whining nonstop. It was so loud and annoying!! We were desperate. We tried this and it worked so well! After a few tries he would quiet down just by showing it to him. It's MAGIC.
· Reply · 52 · 26th October 2020 9:51 AM
Jeannine Slaughter · Doral, Florida
Great idea!
· Reply · 3 · 25th October 2020 9:46 AM
Dolores Howard · Wadena, Minnesota
I think this is an effective training aide. Not sure about repelling other dogs, since I don’t have many neighbors where I live. But it worked on my dogs. My 5 month old puppy was always getting into things, but this device really helped stop the worst of her damage. Just push the button, say no, and it works every time. Seems to work well on a few other animals around our farm and a few wild animals I have seen around the property. Thankfully, I used it to scare off a coyote that was getting too close to my pets. Seems like it could distract lots of different animals for whatever reason you need.
· Reply · 21 · 24th October 2020 7:47 AM
Jessica A Giese · San Leandro, California
I was concerned about what it might do to my dogs. I don’t want to hurt them or make them sad. But with 5 dogs in the house, barking is always a problem. When they barked too much or at wrong times, I used this device and told them no barking. Didn’t work quite right on the first try, they ran off and came back barking. But I tried again and after a couple of days it has really stopped their barking. It’s definitely working. Easy to use.
· Reply · 35 · 23rd October 2020 6:22 PM
Chris Lassiter · New York, New York
My next door neighbor’s stupid dog barks all day and night, no idea why. I was so frustrated and tired, so I got this to make it stop with causing a big problem in my building. I was shocked, it was so effective, even through the wall. Totally helped me get some sleep for the first time in a while.
· Reply · 64 · 23rd October 2020 3:33 PM
Brennon Fisher · Juneau, Alaska
definitely works with our german shepard. not from too far, but maybe 50 feet it still works.
· Reply · 12 · 22nd October 2020 10:15 AM
Sydnee Rainey · Houston, Texas
Sounds like a good idea,way better than a shock collar we had growing up, that thing just seemed mean
· Reply · 7 · 21st October 2020 4:34 PM
Steve Washington · Nevada
knew it would work because my friend had one and I saw him use it on his dog. I ordered one when I got home. My big and crazy dog has so much energy and always doing something. Even when she knows it's not OK. I’m really happy it’s just a simple sound and nothing bad like a shock. Sometimes it can be confusing for other dogs around if I have to used it at the dog park.
· Reply · 28 · 21st October 2020 7:44 AM
Luis Santiago · City of Commerce, California
Gonna try it! Thanks barkbuddy!
· Reply · 8 · 20th October 2020 11:51 AM

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